Show Recap: August 21, 2018 (30-minute show; Jorge Sedano hosts)

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Which rookie voted for Nick Young as ‘Favorite NBA Player’?



Today’s Panel:


Smart move for Raptors to hire Kawhi’s friend? (Via Ian Begley)



“Definitely a smart move. A move that has no downside. Can only help” – MacMahon

“They’re obviously doing this to make him happy. But what makes Kawhi Leonard happy? I’m just not sure how it is going to help” – Isola

“It’s a win-win. There’s no downside” – Sedano

Think Dennis Smith Jr. and Luka Doncic are a good fit? | Realistic expectations for Mavericks this year?




“This is a combo, on paper, should fit well together” – MacMahon

“The Mavericks are significantly better. I think they will win more than people anticipate” – MacMahon

“My big question would be about the Mavericks: When are they finally going to strike it rich in the free agent market?” – Isola

“When you look at the Mavericks failures in free agency, it was because of their failures in the draft” – MacMahon

“With Doncic and Dennis Smith Jr., they finally have some cornerstones to build around” – MacMahon

“They don’t want to send Dirk out whimpering” – MacMahon

August 21, 2010 – Svetlana Pankratova (Seattle Storm) driving to the basket and finishing with the tough circus shot to beat the shot clock buzzer!

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Kawhi Make or Miss

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Shooting; Boogie about to join the Splash family?

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Responsibility; Trae Young: “I know there’s a lot on my plate” (As told to Jackie MacMullan)

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Regrets; Think Lance is done trolling LeBron?



Moving on…

Frye on playing with LeBron: “There is no room for mistakes” | Expect young Lakers to struggle alongside LeBron?



“The Lakers are going to struggle, plus they’re in a tougher conference this year. There’s going to be some growing pains” – Isola

“We know that LaVar (Ball), at some point, is going to go off on LeBron and the Lakers” – Isola

“It will be interesting to see what that roster looks like after the trade deadline because these young players are also assets” – MacMahon

“You have to understand: the roles are going to be completely different” – Sedano

“The maturity is going to be challenged here with the spotlight, with the scrutiny” – MacMahon

“With Lonzo Ball and Brandon Ingram in particular, they’re going to have to redefine their games, if you figure out how to fit. Maybe they don’t and maybe they are, I don’t know, Portland Trail Blazers by February. Just to throw out a random team that perhaps has a superstar player who would fit well with LeBron” – MacMahon’s 5-Part Series on Mental Health Awareness

Click here to read Part 2 by Jackie MacMullan

Bonus: Jackie MacMullan on the Woj Podcast explaining why players are reluctant to discuss mental health:

”Sometimes it has financial ramifications. If your team isn’t the understanding kind, if your team isn’t ready to be proactive and forward thinking about this, maybe it is going to cost you a free agent contract. Maybe it’s going to be the difference between you getting trading or released”

4x WNBA champ Lindsay Whalen retiring after season

Interview with ESPN’s Michelle Steele:

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Consider Thunder a legit threat out West?


“I consider them a legitimate playoff team. Contender: Just a little short” – Isola

“Need to see them win a playoff series” – MacMahon

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