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First Half



XMas matchup you’re most excited for?

Boston/Philly – Haynes
“Those are going to be the two teams that were going to be looking at for years to come. This could be the start of a budding rivalry”

Lakers/Warriors – Youngmisuk
“I was a little surprised by this. I thought it was going to be Rockets/Warriors. Very excited to see how the Lakers measure up against the defending champs”

Las Vegas Aces issued forfeit after refusing to play due to travel issues | Fair for WNBA to issue forfeit to Aces?


Aces 2.JPG


“I don’t really agree with it. The Aces took a stand here. WNBA teams need to start flying on charter flights. They need to be treated like NBA teams” – Youngmisuk

“I’m highly disappointed by the comments made by the Washington Mystics head coach. That was unnecessary and uncalled for” – Haynes

“You have to protect your health” – Haynes

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Depth; Think Jahlil Okafor can resurrect career with Pelicans?

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Air Bud; Should the Warriors sign Rocco?
Klay Thompson brought his dog Rocco to basketball camp and played lockdown defense

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Imagination; What/Who should be on the next Cleveland banner?




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Competition; 26 years ago today: The Dream Team won gold

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August 8, 2010 – Tina Thompson breaks Lisa Leslie’s WNBA all-time scoring record

ESPN Draft Expert, Jonathan Givony joined the show!

NCAA approves major changes to college hoops  | NCAA: “Elite” high schoolers can hire agent
The NBA age limit isn’t going away until 2022


“If you’re invited to a USA basketball camp prior to your senior year, you are allowed to have an agent” – Givony

“This move was pushed through a little hastily” – Givony

“I do think that this is a very positive change” – Givony

“There’s going to be a lot of stuff that happens underneath the table here. As we know in reality this is not how it’s going to be played out” – Givony

“The NBA’s influence is important because they can be the ones that can help the NCAA oversee everything and that provides a little bit more legitimacy” – Youngmisuk

NCAA: Players can return to college if undrafted


“The detail here that’s very important is that the only players that can go back to school are those who went to the NBA combine” – Givony

How excited should fans be for 2019 NBA Draft?

Mock draft 2019.JPG


“Very excited. Maybe this isn’t the strongest draft class we’ve seen. But it’s still very early” – Givony

Second Half

Dream opening night matchup?

“Give me Rockets/Warriors opening night. I like to see Lebron and the Lakers open up against Kyrie and the Celtics” – Youngmisuk

“Warriors/Cavs. The Cavs as constructed. Why? I want to see the great power forward matchup of Draymond Green and Tristan Thompson. Opening night petty in the NBA” – Haynes

“Christmas day you really look forward to one prime matchup” – Youngmisuk


76ers at Celtics, Thunder at Warriors

“Absolutely. This is the matchup everybody wants. This is the best-of-seven series people want to see in the Eastern Conference Finals” – Youngmisuk

“This is a great opportunity for us to see what they have in store. I still don’t think they have bridged the gap with Boston yet” – Haynes on the Sixers

“I wouldn’t call it a rivalry. That matchup is strictly based off of two individuals: Russ and KD” – Haynes

“This has never been told before: At USA Basketball, the first practice this past summer, Russ went for a layup, KD swatted it and said some stuff. Russ went right back at it and said some stuff. Players had to separate them. These two still get at it” – Haynes


Pelicans at Rockets, Mavericks at Suns

“Pelicans/Rockets. How they played in the postseason you want to see if they can take that next step” – Haynes on the Pelicans

“Mavericks/Suns. I really want to see Luka Doncic play. I want to see what the hype is all about” – Youngmisuk

Opening Week.JPG

Bulls at 76ers, Lakers at Trail Blazers (October 18th) | Celtics at Raptors, Warriors at Jazz (October 19th)

“All eyes are going to be on Kawhi Leonard for that game. I am interested to see how healthy he’s going to be” – Youngmisuk

“Warriors/Jazz. Donovan Mitchell is a bonafide stud. He’s an All-Star. It’s unfortunate that he’s just in the wrong conference to where he is not going to get all those accolades he deserves early on in his career” – Haynes

“The NBA clearly is trying to showcase Donovan Mitchell. They are definitely saying this is a star in the making” – Youngmisuk

Saturday Primetime.JPG

Rockets at Lakers (Home opener for LeBron)

“This is going to be lovely. LA is back. I’m glad that Showtime is back. I’m glad for LeBron” – Haynes

“I’m not sold. I really fear for the Rockets. I’m just concerned from a defensive of standpoint that they might have lost a step or two” – Haynes



Lakers deserving of facing Warriors on Christmas?

“They arguably had the best offseason of any NBA team. They got the biggest fish. And when you get the biggest fish, you get some of the biggest TV point of view” – Haynes on the Lakers

“I want Lance Stephenson blowing into Draymond’s ear. The Lakers want him to be their Draymond Green. They want him to agitate people” – Youngmisuk

Carmelo add extra fuel to Thunder-Rockets?

Melo PPG Xmas.JPG

“Seeing Carmelo on Christmas is always a good thing. I still think he can contribute to the Rockets. I don’t think he is done – Youngmisuk

“I don’t think he’s done but obviously, he has to modify his game. He does add a little extra intrigue for this matchup because Carmelo felt he wasn’t being used properly” – Haynes

Expect Celtics-Sixers to be best NBA rivalry?

“I would have to go with that because those two teams are going to be good for years to come” – Haynes

“Ben Simmons is the guy I would have my eyes on Christmas Day. This is a game where he kind of needs to prove himself a little bit against that Celtics team. And also, can he hit an outside shot?” – Youngmisuk

Christmas Game secure Giannis’ superstar status?

“Absolutely. This is a showcase game for him. I think this is a game that he is going to have a big game” – Youngmisuk

“If you’re not calling him a superstar he is right on the cusp. If he was in a different market, we would have a different perspective on his game and where he stacks up against everybody else” – Haynes

Pressure for Porzingis to play on Christmas?

“The Knicks have a slot on Christmas Day not because of the team, but because of the platform: MSG and New York” – Haynes

Mitchell turn Jazz into Must-Watch TV?
Last appearance for the Jazz on Christmas day: 1997

“When the NBA decided to put Utah on there, it says something about Donovan Mitchell and what the league thinks about him and they think he is going to be a next star in the making” – Youngmisuk


Which MLK Day game are you most excited for?

Rockets/Sixers – Youngmisuk
“Think of the numbers he might be able to rack up against a defenseless Houston team on that day”

Lakers/Warriors – Haynes
“It’s only right for them to matchup on such a significant day as that”

Bonus: Grizzlies to make the playoffs?

“No not the playoffs but I am excited to see Jaren Jackson” – Youngmisuk

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