Show Recap: August 6, 2018 (Cassidy Hubbarth hosts)

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Opening Tip
Will Lonzo, Kuzma ever stop trolling each other?

Today’s Panel:

Starting from the left: Cassidy Hubbarth, Ramona Shelburne and Chris B. Haynes

First Half

Trump Tweet.JPG

LeBron on President Trump (Via CNN):

DON LEMON: You heard what the president said about Marshawn, about Steph.


LEMON: About, you know, it seems like it’s–

JAMES: Kaepernick.

LEMON: Kaepernick.


LEMON: Men of colors who have means and a platform.


LEMON: What’s up with that?

JAMES: What’s up with that is it’s all wrong. And it’s not up. It’s down. And you know, for him to like I say, use sports to kind of divide us is something I can’t — I can’t sit back and not say nothing.

Later in the conversation…

LEMON: What would you say to the president if he was sitting right here?

JAMES: I would never sit across from him.

LEMON: You would never, you don’t want to talk to him?

JAMES: No. I’d sit across from Barack, though.

From Commissioner Silver, Lakers owner, Jeanie Buss to Hornets owner, Michael Jordan, they all had LeBron’s back:

LeBron was asked the same question about President Trump by Rachel Nichols:

NICHOLS:Β Earlier this year you were instructed to “shut up and dribble.” If you had listened to that, we would not be sitting in this school that 300 kids are getting the benefit of. But I want to backtrack because those comments came because you were critical of the president. And I wanted to know why, while you do things like this, it’s also important for you to use your voice to stand up for kids like that — even as high as criticizing the president of the United States?

JAMES:Β Well, for me, I have a voice. I have a platform, and I have so many kids and — not only kids but also adults that look for guidance and look for someone to lead them at a time when they feel like their voice isn’t powerful. And when you see something that’s unjust and you see something that’s wrong and you see something that’s trying to divide us as a race or as a country, then I feel like my voice can be heard and speak volumes.

LeBron’s “I Promise” school opened its doors last week

Reaction to Trump Insulting LeBron’s intelligence?

“I’m surprised it took so long. LeBron has been waiting for this” – Shelburne

“It’s not the greatest time to go at LeBron” – Shelburne

“This is something that struck accord with people of color” – Haynes

“This tweet really did some damage” – Haynes

Michael Jordan: “I support LJ”

“I thought it was weak” – Haynes

“I really think LeBron wants this platform. He wants this fight” – Shelburne

“LeBron wants this conversation. He wants to have a voice” – Shelburne

Young Make or Miss

Make Logo
Trends; Best instance of NBA player embarrassing camper yet?

Miss Logo
Does Joel Embiid need to be a bit more careful?

Animated GIF-downsized_large (24).gif

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Practice; How many attempts do you think this took?

Miss Logo
Buckets; Nick Young’s son doesn’t have has dad’s green light?
His son elected to pass the ball, rather than trying to score!

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Physicality; The Game punches his own teammate in Drew League game

Moving on…

Is Vegas too hard on Cavs?

“I think that’s about right” – Haynes

Sam Dekker a good fit for Cavs?

“This is good. He’s going to play alot” – Shelburne

“This is no way shape or form changes the odds of the Cavs record” – Haynes

August 6, 2009 – Becky Hammon (San Antonio Stars) drives to the basket and finishes with a tough layup!

Animated GIF-downsized_large (22).gif

Second Half

Ohm.JPGLakers reporter Ohm Youngmisuk joined the show!

Lakers Over/Under: 48.5 wins | Too high or too low?

“It’s right where it should be. It’s going to be a rough start for the Lakers” – Youngmisuk

“Just about right because that’s how good LeBron James is” – Shelburne

“Over/Under for the Lakers at 50” – Haynes

Warriors Over/Under: 62.5 wins | Too high or too low?

“I think that’s fine” – Haynes

“It feels a little high to me” – Shelburne

“It’s a little too high” – Youngmisuk

“Just about right” Hubbarth

Celtics Over/Under: 57.5 wins | Too high or too low?

“That’s a little low” – Shelburne

“I’m taking the over. The Boston Celtics will have the best record in the NBA. Period.” – Haynes

Raptors Over/Under: 54.5 wins |Too high or too low?

“It’s a little too high. I got the Sixers being better than the Raptors” – Youngmisuk

“It’s just about right. The question is: Where is their spirit going to be?” – Shelburne

“It’s just about right” – Haynes

Spurs Over/Under: 43.5 wins | Too high or too low?

“That’s too low. I don’t see them missing the playoffs” – Haynes

“That’s too low” – Shelburne

“Too low” – Youngmisuk

World Wide Wob.JPGRob Perez, aka World Wide Wob, joined the show!

KATΒ go too far in roasting Zach LaVine?

“That’s a declaration of war. You got to meet me at the rim” – Perez

Ok with Lonzo and Kuz playing nice?

“If there’s any two players in this league who are ever going to try and dunk on each other being on the same team, it’s going to be Kuz and Lonzo…in a real game” – Perez

Like Blazers response to projected win total?

“When your 3rd highest player is Evan Turner, there’s a reason why the win total is where it’s at” – Perez

“You got swept. There’s nothing you could say right now. You just have to take it” – Shelburne

RecommendsSummer Forecast: Most likely to win Rookie of the Year? (ESPN)

Rookie under most pressure?

ROY Predictions.JPG

“Trae Young. He has to show that intellectual style of play and that it translates to the NBA” – Haynes

“Kevin Knox” – Shelburne

Finally…Greg Monroe reached an agreement with the Toronto Raptors (Per Yahoo! Sports)

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