Show Recap: August 3, 2018 (Front Office Insider Amin Elhassan hosts)

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Fan of LeBron’s coaching style?

Today’s Panel:


First Half

Expect a different Carmelo in Houston?


Melo 2.JPG

Melo 3.JPG

Melo 4.JPG

“He’s going to be a better scorer in Houston. On the defensive side of the ball, he’s just not that good of a defensive player” – Shelburne

“Can he happily play 20-24 minutes a game and smile afterwards?” – Young

“I’m curious to see how this will translate in Houston” – Young

Lakers a legitimate playoff risk?
Per Kevin Pelton‘s (ESPN) projections, they are projected to win 41.2 of their games for 9th place in the West

“You never ever discount for what LeBron can do for a team” – Shelburne

“It’s not going to be easy. How can you count this guy (LeBron) out?” – Young

“I think they’ll win 48 games” – Young

“If the Lakers make the playoffs, They won’t find out until the end of the season” – Elhassan

Buy that Jazz as potential top-5 team?

“I’m buying in. There’s a dynamic there” – Young

“From a talent perspective, they’re not a top 5 team in the league. They won because of defense” – Shelburne

August 3, 2000 – Grant Hill and Tracy McGrady introduced as new members of the Orlando Magic!

Young Make or Miss

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Petey; Better one-on-one player?

This bird (Parakeet):

or Kyrie:

Animated GIF-downsized_large (16).gif

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Lonzo Ball a big Taylor Swift fan?

Animated GIF-downsized_large (21).gif
Via joshwright43/IG

Taylor Swift.JPG

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Drake recruiting Boogie to the Raptors?
Boogie’s high school jersey

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Second Thoughts; At least JR Smith doesn’t need to worry about a fine
Got a “Supreme” Tattoo on his calf

JR Smith.JPG

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Can you imagine trying to fend off Giannis’ reach? (Taking up boxing)

Moving on…

Which player takes LeBron’s crown as best in the East?




“I’m waiting to see what Joel Embiid does next, but the answer should be Kawhi” – Shelburne

“Kawhi Leonard” – Young

Will Hawks regret trading Luka Doncic for Trae Young?

Via The Lowe Post Podcast:

“You will never get fired for taking Luka Doncic No. 3. Ever. You will get fired for trading down to five (5th pick) and taking Trae Young if Trae Young isn’t good and Doncic is awesome. You will get fired. It’s just a matter of when. It may not even matter if you nail some other stuff. That will get you fired and it will mar the rest of your career” – Zach Lowe

“I understand the skepticism with him (Young)” – Young

“He (Young) models his game after Steve Nash” – Shelburne

“Let’s wait 2-4 years to see what kind of player he’s (Young) going to be” – Shelburne

“He’s (Doncic) special. But can he get by players off the dribble? There were questions about his quickness” – Shelburne

Second Half

Vince Carter on ring chasing: “Not for me”

“He wants to play still. I respect that greatly” – Young

“He can still be a rotation player on a good team” – Elhassan

Believe Vince Carter plays beyond this season?
Says there’s a “90 percent” chance he retires after this upcoming season.

“He looks like he can still play. He’s not Air Canada anymore” – Shelburne

“I don’t want Vince Carter to retire” – Young

“Enhanced” now available on ESPN+ (Sneak peek shown of the Phoenix Suns training staff) | Should teams spend more on injury prevention?

“I think they are spending more. Your behind if you aren’t doing all of this” – Shelburne

“Injury prevention: That is the next thing you need to figure out” – Young

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Senior Sneakerhead Insider Nick DePaula returns to the show to talk sneakers!DePaula.JPG

LeBron’s “Equality” shoes on display at Smithsonian




Breathe 2.JPG

“LeBron is a guy who loves to tell stories through shoes. He’s also looking to have a stance on things” – DePaula

Leaks of LeBron 16s real or fake?

Credit: lancefresh/IG

“That is fake right there, but it’s exactly what the shoe is going to look like” – DePaula

Was betting $800 Jordans worth it for Nuggets fan?

Message MP jr.JPG
Credit: @MPjr/Snapchat

“This kid’s off-white Jordan 1’s was actually his graduation gift” – DePaula

“I’m not mad at Michael Porter Jr. I’m mad at the kid!” – Elhassan

Did Drake sign a shoe deal yet?


Animated GIF-downsized_large (18).gif
Via kingjames/IG


Drake 2.JPG

Drake 3.JPG

Drake 4.JPG

“I can’t confirm that the deal was basically done” – DePaula

“It’s crazy to think that a song could change the entire dynamics of a shoe deal. Some personal things were said, which caused the deal to dissolve” – DePaula

August 3, 2011 – Tina Charles (Connecticut Sun) with the “Touchdown” pass to Kalana Greene who finishes with a layup!

Animated GIF-downsized_large (20).gif

Luol Deng deserve chance in Lakers rotation?

“It was more of a choice of they can’t promise him anything” – Shelburne

“He’s never been given a chance to play up to the contract that he signed” – Shelburne

“The scenery has changed around the Lakers. But now it’s less about the development and more about winning” – Young

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