Show Recap: July 27, 2018 (It’s Friday! Don’t Get Fired on a Friday)

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Opening Tip
Jaylen Brown learning to sweep the leg?
He is trying to learn Martial Arts in Indonesia

Via fchwpo/IG:

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Today’s Panel:


First Half

Opening Monologue: Meet LeBron James, Basketball dad

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Giving his son (Bronny James) his name is not a first though:

Wardell Stephen Curry II/Dell Curry
Tim Hardaway Jr./Tim Hardaway Sr.
Glenn Robinson III/Glenn Robinson

LeBron: “I still regret giving my 14-year-old my name” (Via Uninterrupted)

“I love that LeBron has entered this stage where he is revealing vulnerability. I want to think out lot and share these impressions. I’m loving this part of his career” – Arnovitz

“The minute his kids picked up the basketball, that was going to be the comparison and those are the things that they have to deal with” – Sedano

Ceiling for a healthy Kyrie next season?

“Kyrie at one point was an MVP candidate. That’s his ceiling” – Sedano

“Kyrie can continue to become a capable defender” – Sedano

“There’s probably going to be an odd man out with minutes being reduced” – Sedano on the concern Coach Stevens should have on reducing minutes for players

Make or Miss (Milos)

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Lamar Odom announces he’ll play in China next season

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Expenses; Hawks offering affordable concessions?

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Horse; Should horse be added to All-Star Weekend?

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Rivalries; How do Lakers fans feel about this?
Jayson Tatum has been working out with Lakers legend, Kobe Bryant

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Backups; P.G. on Schroder: “Hands down the best backup point in the league”

Moving on…

Does Love extension help or hurt his trade value?
Click here to read more about this topic (Via Kevin Pelton/ESPN)

“More later than earlier. As the cap goes up, his salary goes down” – Arnovitz

“I don’t think many teams would be interested in trading for Kevin Love” – Sedano

Second Half

Understand Kevin Durant’s frustration?


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“I think that that is why he’ll eventually leave. He won’t stay there (Golden State) forever” – Sedano on people constantly criticizing his move to Golden State

“I realize his frustration. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with being sensitive. But if you are, you have to own it and people will call you being sensitive” – Arnovitz

Windy.JPGInsider Brian Windhorst joined the show from Vegas to give the inside at USA Basketball camp!

Player more people should be talking about?

“Paul George has looked really good here. There’s no concern about that knee” – Windhorst

What did Harden say about Melo?

“There’s been some frustration of what’s been going on there [in Houston]. They lost some key players” – Windhorst

“He was very positive about Melo’s addition and the Rockets” – Windhorst

Pop and DeRozan developing chemistry?

“It’s an important time to bond for them. He (Pop) was definitely making it a focus” – Windhorst

Any word on Kyle Lowry?

“He’s saying nothing. He actively dodged the media. He’s doing the Raptors a favor by staying silent” – Windhorst

RecommendsSports Illustrated on PG’s decision to stay in OKC by Ben Golliver


DePaula.JPGSenior Sneakerhead Insider, Nick DePaula returned to the show to talk sneakers!

Click here for a list of NBA sneaker free agents

What’s Kawhi Leonard’s next move?

“It’s a top 15 shoe deal offer (Air Jordan Brand) for $5.5 million. He wants a signature shoe deal” – DePaula

“Kawhi likes to wear black and gray” – DePaula

“It’s one of the most curious marketing things I’ve seen” – DePaula

New Balance jumping back into basketball business?

“They are looking at Boston as a priority market” – DePaula

New Balance is the new head sponsor for the new Auerbach Center:

Auerbach Center.JPG

Auerbach Center 2.JPG

Auerbach Center 3.JPG
The Celtics facility is across the street on the headquarters of the New Balance HQ, a first time a team has done that

Puma brand a good fit for Terry Rozier?

Here’s what he told Bleacher Report:

“I feel like I’m very marketable, I’m the guy that they needed to sign.” – Terry Rozier

“I love the signing. This gives them a lot of balance” – DePaula

“They’re looking for expressive personalities” – DePaula

Porzingis earned right to be included in Knicks decision-making?

“I love that he (Fiz) is there bonding with him. He’s their franchise cornerstone” – Sedano

“Fiz is the first member of the Knicks organization to go visit KP in Latvia for the past 2 years” – Nichols

What’s the long-term plan for KD?

“He stays until he feels like ‘This is not a challenge, he gets bored'” – Arnovitz

“At some point, he’ll get fed up with it. I think he goes to the Eastern Conference” – Sedano

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Pat Riley too honest about Whiteside (Via Miami Herald)

“Really? Good luck, Pat. That’s all I would say to you. That has not been the case with Hassan Whiteside when he was in college, not as a pro, not at any time it seems like since he’s been playing basketball” – Sedano

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