Show Recap: July 26, 2018

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Opening Tip
How much better can “The Brow” get?
Continuing to work on his handles (Without the shades FYI)

Today’s Panel:


First Half

Opening Monologue: Let’s talk about Kevin Durant, shall we?


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McCollum: “You know how I felt, bruh, I was hot.”

Durant: “Why are you mad about this stuff?”

McCollum: “Bruh, I’m in the league. I’m in the Western Conference. I gotta play you m’fers all the time anyway as it is, over and over again”

Durant: “You know you guys aren’t gonna win a championship.”

McCollum: “Bro, we have the team…”

McCollum: “We have the team, we have the capabilities, anything is possible. We can win a championship”


The tweet that started the beef:

NBA Twitter.JPG
Of course, NBA Twitter went nuts!

CJ Tweet.JPG

CJ Tweet 2.JPG

KD Twitter.JPG

Nate Jones, an agent, and marketer who works closely with Damian Lillard (Very insightful Twitter follow) had this to say:

Did Kevin overreact to CJ’s tweet?

“No matter what he does, it’s not enough. No matter how well he plays, it’s not enough. And it gets to him” – MacMullan

“Of course he overreacted. Twitter, by its very nature, is the platform that is fueled by overreaction. It invites personal disaster”” – Arnovitz

Can Durant change the narrative on his legacy?

“Kevin Durant learned from ‘The Decision’ that we don’t talk about enough. He did the exact opposite: He went to the Hamptons, he met with teams, kept it quiet, made a decision” – MacMullan

“There is no doubt in my mind that he is going to do that at some point” – MacMullan on KD possibly leaving the Warriors in the future and go to the Big Apple

Young Make or Miss

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Springfield; Agree with Dwight that his H.O.F. resume ‘Speaks for itself’? (Via TMZ Sports)

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Other Brands; Terry Rozier agrees to multi-year deal with Puma

Per Bleacher Report:

“I feel like I’m very marketable. I’m the guy they needed to sign” – Terry Rozier

Make Logo
Opportunities; Will you eat at SHAQ’s restaurant: The Big Chicken (Opening in Vegas)?
There is also a show on FaceBook watch called “Big Chicken Shaq” of behind the scenes as he prepares for the opening

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Retirement; Happy we get another year of Vince? (Signed a 1-year deal with the Atlanta Hawks)

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Unis; Which uniform is better: Lakers or Hornets?



Moving on…

Does trade, buyout change your opinion of Melo?

“I’m telling you what, I know you might think I’m crazy… but this is gonna work in Houston. The way they space the floor, when they do mismatches and he ends up on smaller guys in the post, there’s a way that it can work for Melo in Houston. He’s got to understand his limitations. I think this is the place it works. I think this is Olympic Melo.” – MacMullan

“They are going to get value. Whatever the number is (that the Rockets will pay him), they will get that amount of production” – Arnovitz

Does Melo sound ready for a new role?

“I think this is a better fit for him than Oklahoma City was. I’ve thought that all along.” – MacMullan

Second Half

Any chance USA Basketball doesn’t qualify for World Cup?

Credit: Marc Stein/New York Times

“It’s most likely they’ll qualify. They have to get into the top 3” – Arnovitz

“You have to be careful because every team gets up for the United States like it is the gold medal game” – MacMullan

Is KAT subtweeting the Wolves?


“At the end of the day, the Wolves aren’t hitting their ceiling until KAT is a mega max superstar” – Arnovitz

“Maybe he’s trying to fire himself up along with everybody else” – MacMullan

RecommendsZach Lowe on Bulls future

Kobe Bryant’s MBN (MuseCage Basketball Network) on WNBA All-Star, Maya Moore!

Chiney.JPGWNBA All-Star Chiney Ogwumike joined the show!

Should NBA adopt WNBA All-Star Format?

“I definitely think the NBA should adopt this because its an honor code” – Ogwumike

“I wish the refs reffed us like they ref the NBA. They have to see us play with an edge” – Ogwumike

Chiney, can you explain recent ejection?

Animated GIF-downsized_large (21).gif

A police officer got involved!
Chiney’s pastor got involved in this too!

“The first tech was rescinded. So I shouldn’t have been ejected in the first place” – Ogwumike

Gap between East and West overblown?

“A lot of the narratives were in the East” – Ogwumike

“This is really a big leap and bound for the East and have said ‘I’ve arrived. You can’t count us out'” – Ogwumike

Ryen.JPGRyen Russillo, host of the ‘Ryen Russillo Podcast’ joined the show!

Durant says Lakers “Perfect” move for LeBron (As told to Marc J. Spears of The Undefeated) | Agree with Durant on LeBron to Lakers?

“KD is right in that LeBron is a pioneer. But I don’t think it’s perfect right now” – Russillo

“Why was it a perfect move? Because he (LeBron) has tenure in the league. He’s the guy making the call” – Arnovitz


Run it Back
Who won the Twitter Beef: KD or CJ McCollum?

“That’s kind of a ‘shut it down’ response” – Russillo

“There are no winners on Twitter. Only the lurkers win” – Arnovitz

“I thought it was funny. It was a great comeback by KD” – Russillo

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