Show Recap: July 20, 2018 (Amin filling in for Rachel Nichols)

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Haywatch Update – Gordon Hayward dunks off left foot!!!

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First Half

Opening Monologue: Does Kawhi need to speak publicly?


Will Kawhi finally speak about his move to the Raptors?
Kawhi will begin his next chapter in a completely different country by playing for the Raptors

“I’ve had conversations with Kawhi, with his agent, with his uncle, and everything has gone well. I’m looking forward to meeting with them face to face. That’s our responsibility, is to figure it out. He didn’t express a lack of interest about playing in Canada to me” – Masai Ujiri (Raptors GM) at a Raptors press conference

“He absolutely does. He needs to provide answers” – McMenamin

“Kawhi might be one of the most boring interviews in the NBA” – Youngmisuk

“We don’t know what the guy is thinking. He’s been the biggest mystery in the NBA for the last 5 months” – Youngmisuk

“Just show up and talk” – Elhassan

“The city does not know what is coming” – Youngmisuk

What’s next for Melo after trade?

“He’s a better fit in Houston because of the forwards they lost” – Youngmisuk

“Houston will be a better fit for him” – McMenamin

Any reason Melo isn’t first ballot hall of famer?
According to basketball reference, Anthony has a 92.8 percent probability to get into the hall of fame

“If you take three of them (from the list), he’s a hall of famer. But I think he’s in” – Youngmisuk

July 20, 2018 –  Nate Robinson gets his #4 jersey retired at Summer League!

Did Raptors handle DeMar DeRozan trade properly?

Credit: demar_derozan/IG

“No. Absolutely not. That’s a rookie mistake by Masai” – McMenamin

“He still didn’t want to be traded at the end of the day” – Youngmisuk

“If you lie to my face, I have a major problem with that” – McMenamin

“You owe it to him to some level of frank communication” – Elhassan


Run it Back
Are Thunder better than last year?

“I think they are. I still don’t know how this is going to fit as far as Schroder and Russ” – Youngmisuk

“They’re going to have to play together” – Youngmisuk on Russ/Dennis being on the court at the same time

“I think they’ll be better just by virtue of Andre Roberson being healthy. That’s their best wing defender” – McMenamin

“I have them as a top 4 team in the West” – McMenamin

Lakers exec excited about “Death Lineup”? (Via Bleacher Report)

“I don’t think they’ll use this particular lineup. LeBron might play the 5 (center)” – Youngmisuk

“The lineup looks odd to me” – McMenamin

“The Lakers are going to have a bumpy start. Walton is going to have his hands full in the first 30 games” – Youngmisuk

Second Half

Young Make or Miss

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Subtlety; LeBron a good dance teacher for his daughter?

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Art; Think Lakers fans will like this mural more? 

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Laziness; How far can Donovan Mitchell take the Jazz?

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Longevity; Happy we get another season of Dirk?

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Moving on…

Ok with Yogi Ferrell backing out of Mavs deal?

“I understand it, but I don’t really like it” – Youngmisuk

“This is going to affect his reputation on deals down the line” – McMenamin


Denzel Washington talks LeBron to L.A. (The Undefeated)

DeMarcus Cousins conversation with Chris Haynes:

Does Boogie really not care what people think?

“I think he cares to a certain degree” – Youngmisuk

“He loves proving people wrong” – Youngmisuk

How should Warriors use Boogie?

“He might not have to play until March” – McMenamin

“The Warriors are strongest when they have a big man that can pass” – Elhassan

Magic on Warriors: “They don’t keep me up at night” (Via Jimmy Kimmel Live)

“He’s just managing the expectations” – McMenamin

“I love this. I love when Magic pounds his chest” – Youngmisuk

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No hard feelings between Smart & Celtics?

“If they can get to where they can be, that would be fulfilling for him” – McMenamin

“This is the best team for him to be with” – Youngmisuk

“I think they can be a 64-65 win team” – McMenamin

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