Show Recap: July 16, 2018

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Ok with Curry jumping in Lake Tahoe? (He lost a bet to his dad, Dell Curry at the Celebrity Golf Tournament)

Today’s Panel:


First Half

Opening Monologue: “Lakers need to maximize LeBron’s window” – Nichols

Yup. $500 for those shorts!
LeBron James and Cavs head coach, Ty Lue reunite at Summer League


Will LeBron bring the Lakers their 17th title and win Finals MVP too?

Should Lakers accelerate 3-year plan?

“I don’t think they should accelerate it, not at the determent of sticking to a plan because when you overextend yourself, you might get something good right now, but long-term, you’ll feel those effects” – Elhassan

“They should weigh out the Warriors. You can’t sacrifice too much and they have the leverage” – McMenamin

“The biggest risk is LeBron is getting older” – Nichols

Where do Lakers rank in West right now?

“I have them around 6th (place) right now. With Kawhi Leonard, that’ll change my opinion of them” – McMenamin

July 16, 2010:

Lester Hudson throws the ball off the backboard and John Wall finishes with the slam!

Animated GIF-downsized_large (14).gif

Wall steals the ball and slams it home!

Animated GIF-downsized_large (15).gif

Young Make or Miss

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Effort; At least Wall’s swing is better than his pitching? (Via @1067theFan)

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Mercy; Like Rudy Gobert refusing to go easy on children?

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Doppelgangers; Did Kuzma nail his Ingram compassion?


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Finishes; Excited to watch Miles Bridges finish these one day?
Almost threw down a self alley-oop (or Selfie-oop; coined by Producer Danny):

Animated GIF-downsized_large (16).gif

Then makes a defender, but misses the jumper:

Animated GIF-downsized_large (17).gif

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Tutelage; What can Jaylen Brown take away from T-Mac? (Via IG)

Reports: Suns looking into 2017 incident involving Devin Booker (AZ Central)

Full fight can be seen here (Via TMZ Sports):

Booker signing his extension with the Suns on July 7th:

“Ulis gotta know better, man. You can’t put your guy in that position (or yourself)” – Elhassan

“It did remind me of the Jahlil Okafor incident a couple of years ago. You can have full-time security around your guys. Invest in security” – McMenamin

“This is nothing. It’s a teachable moment” – Elhassan

Second Half

Buying Kemba’s loyalty to Hornets?

Credit: Michael Scotto/The Athletic
Credit: Rick Bonnell/Charlotte Observer

“I don’t want to disparage him: He’s not a franchise player. But this is the franchise player move” – Elhassan

“What if he just stays there and continues to build up his reign as one of the best Hornets of all-time? What’s wrong with that?” – McMenamin

“This coming year: Nothing” – Elhassan on what can Kemba do to make the team better for 2018-19

Jabari Parker a good fit for Bulls?

“They (Bulls) got an intriguing young core. I want to see it put together. I had people tell me when he (Jabari) coming into the draft with Andrew Wiggins that he was the better player. We haven’t seen it in the league because his knees have robbed him from being on the court. He’s from Chicago” – McMenamin

“It’s nice that he’s going back home. I question the basketball fit a bit. I think he plays way better at the 4 (Power Forward). He has to play the 3 (Small Forward), not necessarily his best position, especially defensively” – Elhassan

Intrigued by Bulls young core?


“I like this core. Chicago is in a nice spot right now with a young team. They can be competitive, especially in an Eastern Conference that’s a little bit more open” – Elhassan

Metta World Peace ejected from BIG3 Game (He kicked a basketball after disagreeing with a call, which got him ejected less than two minutes into the game)

Who did it better: World Peace or TMac?

Animated GIF-downsized_large (18).gif

“If you are a BIG3 fan, or BIG3 executive or Ice Cube, you want stuff like this to happen. This draws attention to your sport” – McMenamin

“The punt form wasn’t that great” – Elhassan

From the producers that brought you Haywatch…As the Kings Turn…Watch The Throne…and The Klaw, it’s…



“More threes, Stak. Got to get them 3s up, man” – Elhassan

RecommendsSummer League’s best and most surprising rookies (ESPN)

Think Dwight will fit in well with Wizards?
“I would never try to destroy a team” – Dwight Howard on his IG

“For whatever reason, he rubs people the wrong way. Part of that is reputation” – Elhassan

“It just seems like it’s so volatile already without him even stepping foot in there” – Elhassan

“He is someone that wants to project a certain image and that image sometimes gets in the way of a being a teammate and a basketball player” – McMenamin

Cavs still playoff caliber in East?

Credit: @cre8ive_juice/Twitter



“They really want to prove something to themselves that they can win without LeBron” – McMenamin

“There’s still that lack of consistency offensively that worries me” – McMenamin

“Whenever LeBron didn’t play whether it was within the micro of ‘he’s out of the game for now or is missing this game tonight,’ they’ve been terrible” – Elhassan

July 16, 2009 – Blake Griffin with the nasty left-handed putback dunk!

Animated GIF-downsized_large (20).gif

Something Nothing Or Everything


McMenamin: Nothing

Elhassan: Nothing (Last year it was everything)

Nichols: Something


Elhassan: Everything

McMenamin: Something


Elhassan: Nothing

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LeBron rated 98 in NBA 2K19: Agree?

“98 maybe regular season LeBron. 99 playoff LeBron” – McMenamin

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