Show Recap: July 13, 2018

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Opening Tip
Greatest possible Space Jam 2 cast ever? (Via TMZ Sports)
LeBron James having dinner in LA; Ate with Al Pacino and Leonardo DiCaprio!


Today’s Panel:


First Half

Opening Monologue: Don’t count out Isaiah Thomas yet


No Brinks Truck this time around for I.T.

Nuggets right fit for I.T.?

Thomas reunites with Mike Malone, who coached Thomas in Sacramento

“I like it because he has a relationship with Mike Malone and that really helps” – Shelburne

“Of all the things that happened to this guy through no fault of his own” – Shelburne

“This is the best fit he could have. This Nuggets team is poised to make a big step” – Fraschilla

“He anchors a good solid second unit for Mike Malone’s teams” – Fraschilla

“Because of his relationship with Mike Malone, it sets up perfectly for him” – Fraschilla

Best fit for Melo?

“I like Houston better. He’ll get easier shots.” – Fraschilla

“I like him in both spots (Houston and Miami)” – Shelburne

July 13, 2009 – Welcome to Vegas James Harden, who throws it down hard with the left hand off the dribble!

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Young Make or Miss

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Access; Staples Center tour includes Secret Tunnel aka #TunnelGate
The Clippers sent out an email to season ticket holders talking about giving tours of Staples Center






Shelburne: “There is a secret tunnel. But it’s not the one you think it is! It’s not the one in between the locker rooms. It’s the one that goes underneath the Staples Center and how all the celebrities get in”

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Defense; Should Jabari (Parker) train against some tougher competition?
He was playing pickup ball in Miami

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Sharks; More likely to tune into shark week now?
Shark Week will be turning 30 years old. Shaq is hosting it! (Via Discovery Channel)


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Bounce; What happened to Korkmaz (Sixers) here?

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Ambition; Jaylen Brown on LeBron: “I wanted him to stay in the east” (Via Fred Katz of Mass Live)

Rich Paul: LeBron to Lakers “The biggest challenge”
“For him, it was just a basketball decision” – Rich Paul, LeBron’s agent (Via NBA TV)

“There’s a challenge that he’s flown a partnership with Magic. They are forming this team” – Shelburne

“I personally don’t think this is his greatest challenge. Winning in Cleveland was his greatest accomplishment” – Shelburne

“He’s going to like mentoring those young players” – Fraschilla

Second Half


Player most likely to be next Donovan Mitchell?

Fraschilla: Wendell Carter Jr.
“He is perfect for the Bulls”

Player who’s a little overrated?

Fraschilla: Mo Bamba
“I think he’s not physically ready”

Second-Year player ready to make some noise?

Fraschilla: John Collins and Josh Hart

How much can you learn from Summer League?

“NBA Summer League is like the Double AA Baseball All-Star Game. Summer League is about no overreaction. Don’t overreact to great performances” – Fraschilla

Extra: Knicks Rookie, Mitchell Robinson

“He’s got some AD, Hassan Whiteside ability” – Fraschilla referring to Knicks rookie Mitchell Robinson

“Had Mitchell Robinson gone to college, he would have been in the top 6-7 picks in the draft” – Fraschilla


Inside the Las Vegas schmooze pit by Nick Friedell (ESPN)

WNBA All-Star, Candace Parker joined the show!


She is now a pig owner
She is the longest-running superstar in LA now that Kobe Bryant is retired.

Candace, is your game on another level?

“Just mentally trying to be ahead. I just can’t waste energy” – Parker

“Anytime your growing, it’s always a positive” – Parker

Reaction to rise in WNBA popularity?

“The game grows into the playoffs” – Parker

“I would hate to be in the West. We’re thinking playoffs” – Parker

Excited to share Staples Center with LeBron?

“He’s built for LA” – Parker

Will Pelicans regret letting Boogie walk?

“I have been the biggest Boogie Cousins fan. He can play. It made it difficult to see how they were playing before” – Parker

“I’m paying Boogie Cousins” – Parker

“He is going to embrace being apart of that culture” – Fraschilla on Boogie to the Dubs

“Culture is a lot. You act a certain way when you’re surrounded by a certain culture” – Parker

Jimmy Butler liking IG’s of other teams something, nothing, or everything?

Shelburne: Something

“They didn’t do what they all were expecting last year: they did not achieve what they wanted to in bringing that core together and I think that there’s a lot of team building that they still have left to do in terms of getting the younger players on that team to win and take that next step forward. If they don’t pull that together this year, I think his free agency is wide open”

Fraschilla: Something

“If they don’t mature that young group quickly, I wouldn’t be surprised if Jimmy takes a hard look at some of these other great opportunities he is going to have next summer”

Confident in Marcellus Wiley’s Clippers next season?
FYI: It’s his last day on SportsNation on ESPN

“They’re going to play hard” – Shelburne and Fraschilla

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