Show Recap: July 10, 2018 (From Las Vegas, NV)

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First Half Only:

Starting from the left: Rachel Nichols, Dave McMenamin and Amin Elhassan

Second Half Only:

Starting from the left: Rachel Nichols, Dave McMenamin and Paul Pierce

First Half

History between Melo & D’Antoni matter now?

“Carmelo and Mike have both grown from that experience” – Elhassan
D’Antoni coached Melo in NY

“This move is not ideal sure for the Rockets” – McMenamin

Expect Capela to get $100 million contract? (Per Tim MacMahon)
Click here to read more about this topic


“The Rockets might not totally pay Capela the money he deserves” – McMenamin

“If you don’t have Capela, who do you have on that roster that can do what he does?” – Elhassan

“You can’t become a penny-pincher right now” – Elhassan

July 10, 2007 – Nate Robinson with the 360 layup in Summer League!

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Mike D'Antoni
“A make-and-miss league, and they made them; we didn’t make them.” – D’Antoni

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Handles; Better ankle breaker: Antetokounmpo or House? (July 9, 2018)

Kostas Antetokounmpo (Giannis’ little brother):

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Danuel House:

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Looking; Do Sixers have something with Furkan Korkmaz (Sixers)?
He had a 40 point game last week!

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Expectations; Like what you’ve seen from Deandre Ayton?
Had 17 points and 13 rebounds vs Mo Bamba (July 9, 2018)

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Passing; Does Nick King (Lakers) need to give up the rock?
Closing seconds of Lakers/Bulls. King completely disregards his open teammate?!

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Pizza; Willing to wait in line for free Pizza from LeBron?
He has an ownership stake in Blaze Pizza


Pizza 2.JPG


Buy Dame is happy in Portland?

“I’m straight up with Coach, I’m straight up with Neil [Olshey], I’m straight up with y’all. I’m not unhappy. I love where I live, I love the organization, I love our coaching staff, I love where I am.”

“Like I said last year, it’s the urgency of wanting to make those steps in the right direction so we can compete.” – Damian Lillard

Will Lillard remain a Blazer?

“He has that power in Portland. He has the power to make things happen” – Elhassan

“I like him to work it out in Portland” – Elhassan

Lillard on WNBA: “They deserve to make a lot more money than they do”



“It’s not about: ‘Hey. LeBron made $154 mil this week. Where’s my $154 mil? It’s the idea that why is the league taking such a lion’s share of the Basketball Related Income when at the end of the day if there are no players, there’s no league.” – Elhassan

“The advantage they have over NBA players: They can sit out a lockout year” – Elhassan

“During their off-season, it’s the regular season in Europe. So they can go and get paid and take care of their families without having to worry about a WNBA check” – Elhassan

“Maybe part of the reason why we haven’t seen the WNBA grow quite as much as some basketball fans would like it to be after 15 years of being around is because players feel compelled to go overseas because the money is better and are treated better there” – McMenamin

“You want the league to succeed. The way you do that: Invest in your own players” – McMenamin

Second Half


Run it Back

Breaking News
Woj: Thunder grant Carmelo permission to meet with prospective teams

“Rockets. That’s the best fit, especially if he has championship aspirations” – Pierce

“For Houston, its a low risk, high reward” – Pierce

Expect Boogie to gel with Warriors?

Here’s what Warriors GM, Bob Myers told Anthony Slater of The Athletic in regards to when Boogie might comeback:

“It’s just personality wise. That’s going to be on him” – McMenamin

“You have to fall in line and understand your place. You do things the way they want you to do” – Pierce

Bonus (As mentioned by Dave McMenamin):

Think Marcus Smart is a Celtic next season?

As told to Adam Himmelsbach of the Boston Globe and Jay King of The Athletic:



“He does come back. The problem is: the money is dried up” – Pierce

“He’s going to come back. Maybe not ideal” – McMenamin

Sixers GM search taking too long?

“David Griffin and Mike Zarren are waiting around” – McMenamin sources tell him

“They’re doing their due diligence. They’re taking their time” – Pierce


Front Office Insider, Bobby Marks on an unprecedented 2019 free agency (in)

Who runs Eastern Conference with LeBron gone?

If Irving and Hayward remain healthy, can they take over the East with LeBron in the West?

“Odds on favorite: Boston. Then after that: Toronto and Philly and the Pacers” – Pierce

“It’s Boston’s conference to take here” – McMenamin

“They have great ownership. They’re one big team, one family” – Pierce on Celtics key people

“Danny (Ainge) knows what he’s doing” – Pierce

Jazz offseason camaraderie translate to more wins?

7 Jazz players showed up for Summer League

“They’re going to be a good team, regardless. Guys, go explore the world!” – McMenamin

“It does play a good part. They’re building on the excitement and momentum” – Pierce

How much pressure on Walton to coach LeBron?

Coach Luke Walton (Lakers) and Coach Ty Lue (Cavaliers) talking to each other before a Summer League game

“Luke is a cool customer. The basketball can be overwhelming at times” – McMenamin

“He has a lot of mismatching parts” – McMenamin

“You’re coaching the Los Angeles Lakers with expectations now” – Pierce

“You have to earn that trust” – Pierce

“This is LeBron’s city now. King LeBron in LA” – Pierce

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Reaction to hearing LeBron contacted Lance Stephenson?

“It shows you that it validates Lance’s career. You can tell that there’s a level of reverence there” – McMenamin

“Lance respects LeBron James” – Pierce


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