Show Recap: July 6, 2018 (Las Vegas Summer League; Daytime/Nighttime Shows)

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Opener: Grayson Allen and Trae Young getting tangled up in a summer league game

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Daytime/Nighttime Panel:

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Nighttime only:

3-time champion, Byron Scott


Daytime Show

First Half

First Half Only (Daytime Only)

Woj & (Royce) Young: Thunder will part ways with Carmelo this summer



“There’s one team that has cap space and that’s the Chicago Bulls” – Elhassan if the Thunder trade Melo to a team with cap space

“The reality for Carmelo: He had plenty of chances last season to be the guy” – Friedell

“He’s just not good enough now” – Friedell

“It’s got to be the right situation and right team” – Elhassan on Melo’s next destination

LeBron planning to play in post more? (Per Ramona Shelburne and Brian Windhorst)
LeBron last season in the post: 4.49 posts per game (21st in NBA)

Click here to read more about this topic

“I buy it for now” – Friedell

“It can make the game so much easier on him” – Elhassan

“LeBron’s essentially taking a redshirt year” – Friedell

Kawhi hidden from Spurs staffers in NY last season? (per ESPN’s Mike C. Wright on the “Back To Back” podcast)

“The Spurs are trying to maintain control” – Elhassan

“It seems like he just wants out of the situation he’s in” – Friedell

“Got to go, ‘Baby Please’ mode!” – Elhassan

July 6, 2007 – Shannon Brown with the nasty one-handed dunk in summer league!

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Mike D'Antoni

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Buckets; Diana Taurasi becomes WNBA all-time leader in made FG (Last Night)
Deandre Ayton called her the “Michael Jordan” of the WNBA. Says he was just “overcome” getting to meet her

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Defensive slides; Who’s worse: Peyton Aldridge or Daxter Miles?

Peyton Aldridge:

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Daxter Miles:

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Potential; Agree with LeBron that Brandon Ingram can become an all-star? (Per Zach Lowe)

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Sneakers; Surprised Grayson Allen is the one losing his footing?

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Bounce; Should NBA have a summer dunk contest? (Best dunks of the summer so far)

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Any closer to 1-16 playoff seeding?

Credit: @mcuban/Twitter

Original Tweet:

“I don’t see a way it makes sense for the league” – Friedell

“It’s the schedule and trying to balance all the really good teams against all the really good teams and then the bad teams having to see them again” – Friedell on the concern he has

Second Half

Michael Porter Jr. defending Trae Young on Instagram:

Draft expert, Mike Schmitz joined the panel!


Any concern over Trae Young’s Utah Summer League stats?

“This is a very slight dose of reality” – Schmitz

“The one that matters is him. He thinks he’s a Steph Curry clone” – Elhassan

Grayson Allen-Trae Young techs something or nothing?

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“He (Grayson) reminds me of Marcus Smart. Smart was the same kind of guy” – Elhassan

When will we see Luka Doncic?

“I’d be surprised if he plays. It’s not just a rest thing” – Schmitz

“The weird thing for him: This will be the best thing for his career” – Elhassan

RecommendsPlayer to watch on each summer league roster by Kevin Pelton and Mike Schmitz



Elhassan: Dennis Smith Jr.

“Playing along side Doncic. He is such a gifted playmaker. Last year, Dennis had to shoulder that load. Now he can focus on scoring”

Schmitz: Josh Jackson

“I think he’s going to benefit from having a Deandre Ayton, having some more veterans around him where he doesn’t have to worry about creating shots inefficiently”


Schmitz: Luka Doncic

“He is going to be much more efficient. I could see 15 or 16ppg with 5 rebounds, 5 assists”

Elhassan: Luka Doncic

“Better at scoring is different from scoring more. He is going to do it smarter and better and it’s going to be more meaningful. They’re going to be winning games in Dallas”


Schmitz: Mo Bamba

“I think Orlando can lean on Mo a little bit more to give them some production”

Elhassan: Jaren Jackson Jr.

“He fits a very definite need that Memphis had: they needed a big who can space the court”


Elhassan: Bagley

“It’s all about every opportunity to be that guy”

Schmitz: Ayton

“He is going to have a ton of opportunities in Phoenix which potentially could help themselves move the needle in winning a few more games than Sacramento”

Chiney Ogwumike, WNBA All-Star, joined the panel! (Daytime Only)


Lakers roster what LeBron & Magic wanted?
Click here to read more about this topic (Ramona Shelburne and Brian Windhorst)

“I love LeBron in LA. I like this LA roster because it’s their chosen roster” – Ogwumike

“It gives Magic and Rob Pelinka time to do things like this” – Elhassan

“You have guys that have the right mentality” – Ogwumike

“It’s healthy. Competition is healthy. It’s a win-win situation for Lonzo” – Ogwumike on the Rondo/Ball pairing


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Report: Marcus Smart “disgusted” with lack of communication from Celtics (Via Mark Murphy of the Boston Herald)

“That’s cold-blooded business. I understand why he feels this way” – Ogwumike

“It’s called restricted free agency. It is not a comfortable situation as a player” – Elhassan

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Woj: Tony Parker agrees to 2 year/$10M deal with Hornets

“First thing I thought about was James Borrego. I want a guy who knows our culture and the way we do things” – Elhassan
Borrego was an assistant coach under Pop in San Antonio

“I feel bad for the Spurs. It could be rebuild” – Ogwumike

Dwight Howard to the Wizards (Thoughts on that move?)

“That’s a lot of personalities on that team right now. On paper, it’s talent” – Elhassan on Dwight Howard signing with the Wizards

“One thing I like about Dwight Howard: He’s still a professional” – Ogwumike

“He’s got to buy into the role that they’re going to have for him” – Elhassan on how to fit Dwight Howard with the Wizards

Nighttime Special

Best fit for Melo?

“The style of play is different now with Melo” – Scott

“A team like Miami makes more sense” – Elhassan

“I don’t see that as a fit” – Scott referring to the Rockets

“It’s really hard for me to figure out where he fits in the NBA, especially with a team that’s contending” – Scott

Expectations for Deandre Ayton?

“Be ROY and improve this team to 15-20 games. If he doesn’t, then it’s a bust” – Scott

“Run the floor, defense, rebound and finish” – Elhassan

July 6, 2007 – Shannon Brown with the nasty one-handed dunk in summer league!

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Mike D'Antoni

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Playing Time; When will we see Luka Doncic?
Mavs head coach, Rick Carlisle said: “There is a possiblitiy he could play”

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Layups; Which dunk was better: The reverse or the windmill?

Danuel House:

Rawle Alkins:

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Grannys; Should more players shoot underhand free throws?

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Rick Barry is most famous for doing this technique:

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Reliability; Proud of Robert Williams for making it to summer league? (Update: Is now at Summer League with the Celtics)



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Two-Way Players; Pacers GM (Kevin Pritchard) comments on Lance go too far?

Woj: Tony Parker agrees to 2 year/$10M deal with Hornets

“They were willing to risk his (Kawhi’s) health to do it” – Elhassan

“When he said that, it was a dig” – Scott on TP’s injury being 100 times worse than Kawhi’s at the time he said it

Could USA Basketball mend Kawhi-Spurs rift?

“I don’t think Kawhi is the type of guy that wants confrontation. He doesn’t want to be put into that position” – Scott

Chris B. Haynes joined the show!

How much impact will Boogie have on Warriors?

“As soon as it happened, I text Kevin Durant. I said ‘It’s not fair now’ He said ‘Life ain’t fair. Deal with it.'” – Haynes

Report: Marcus Smart “disgusted” with lack of communication from Celtics (Via Mark Murphy of the Boston Herald)

“Marcus…relax. This is the business part of basketball” – Scott

“That’s if he does really feel that way. That’s the report. He didn’t come out and say that personally” – Haynes

“It’s hard to do it in this climate right now” – Haynes on getting deals as a restricted free agent

Have Sixers gotten any better?

“There’s a chance that they’re not done yet. But did they get better, no. They lost shooting” – Haynes

“That’s the only eastern conference team that he (Kawhi) will consider” – Haynes on Kawhi staying with the Sixers only

Dwight Howard agrees to 2 year/$11M deal with Wizards

“I’m just glad he didn’t go to the Lakers” – Scott

“That atmosphere has a great chance of getting ugly” – Haynes

Any concern over Trae Young’s Utah Summer League stats?

“There’s a lot of time for him to adjust. I expect him to come around. I never thought of him to be a featured player” – Haynes

“It’s really unfair to judge this kid right now” – Scott

Grayson Allen-Trae Young techs something or nothing?

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“This wasn’t a surprise. He (Allen) gets under your skin” – Scott

“If he (Allen) didn’t play with an edge, he wouldn’t be himself” – Haynes

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