Show Recap: June 26, 2018

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Did Bill Russell even need to apologize for flipping bird? (NBA Awards)

He tweeted this later in the show:


Today’s Panel:

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Opening Monologue: Rachel’s NBA Awards Recap

Buy Rockets don’t need another piece for next season?

“He’s (Harden) both right and a little bit wrong. He’s right that they’re almost in the Finals.” – Lowe

“Of course they need another piece. Maybe it’s a smart move because I don’t know they can afford LeBron to come in and play” – Hollins

“They have hold over guys that were really important to them that are also free agents this summer” – Lowe

How does Toronto look for firing Casey now?

“I think they looked horrible. I talked to coach afterward and he’s frazzled. He was very frustrated” – Hollins

“When I look at the Toronto situation, it wasn’t a coaching problem. It was a personnel problem” – Hollins

“The Raptors fired him because of their continued postseason shortcomings. There has to be some change from that. It’s easier to fire the coach than it is the players” – Lowe

Coach Casey talking about his firing from Toronto and his new boss, Tom Gores (Pistons Owner)

“Now you got a lot of motivated coach and player in the situation” – Hollins

“What an incredible moment for Dwane Casey” – Lowe

June 26, 2003 – “With the first pick, in the 2003 NBA Draft…The Cleveland Cavaliers select…LeBron James” – David Stern (Former commissioner of the NBA)

“Rockets propose flipping order of draft and free agency” – Lowe
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“It’s an idea that I think there are going to be people who are resistant to it just because any big change is going to meet with ‘we got to change stuff'” – Lowe

“I love that. You can put your team in order instead of just taking the best available. You know what you have going into the season and into the draft. You get by need rather than just by the best talent” – Hollins

“The team that this would benefit the most is the teams that don’t end up getting a LeBron, but have kept their cap space open like a hoarder for 3 weeks and passed up all these opportunities that might have had at the draft when everybody wants to trade” – Lowe

“They are 100 million dollar mistakes. They’re not little mistakes” – Lowe

“Think about this: How would it affect summer league? Do you push everything a little sooner?” – Hollins

“I don’t think this is going to happen. It’s an interesting idea” – Lowe

Woj: NBA raises owners’ debt limit by $75M to $325M
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“It’s just a sign of the league’s health” – Lowe

“If you are a team that’s going to use it, your team that wants to spend, this is great for you. But some teams still want to hold that money. It’s not just player salaries, it’s behind the scenes” – Hollins

Second Half


40 billboards enough to convince PG-13 & LBJ to come to L.A.?

“I’m gonna give you some honest insight: As a player, this is gonna shape where your family lives, your happiness. It’s a really cool gesture, but it’s not going to sway his (Paul Geroge) decision” – Hollins

“These are billboards for the guy, not Paul George” – Lowe

Magic: “If I can’t deliver I’m going to step down.”

“He sounds like a very confident guy” – Lowe

“He sounds very confident. I believe in Magic” – Hollins

“If they don’t sign anyone, this is going to be like year 5 or 6 of the Lakers not being good. So they better go out and sign someone this time around because the league will just laugh at them now” – Lowe

Reaction to PG-13’s reaction to Pacers waving Lance Stephenson?

“He got vilified a little bit for pushing his way out the door. On the other hand, that trade turned out so fantastically for Indiana that I don’t think Pacers fans care anymore” – Lowe

“He (Paul) finally saw a moment where he can let his feelings out. He’s just speaking the truth” – Hollins

“The organization put Paul in a situation where he had to be the bad guy. He had the voice from his camp. He tried his way” – Hollins


Kevin Pelton’s top 30 free agents (ESPN)

Rob Perez, aka @World_Wide_Wob and the host of ‘Buckets’ on Cycle, joins The Jump!

Kawhi Make or Miss
Note: Get used to seeing this until Kawhi gets traded!

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China Klay; “China Klay” back in mid-summer form?
Hosted a freestyle band contest in China and showing off some moves

Animated GIF-downsized_large (9).gif

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Presents; Damian Lillard gives away free shoes in Portland
He brought a U-Haul full of sneakers to an urban park in Portland and handed them out to kids

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Earning Potential; Age rule cost Michael Porter Jr. Millions? (Via Forbes)
Michael Porter Jr. falling to 14th in the draft last week. You might not know that Porter, not being able to enter the draft out of high school last season roughly cost him $8.5 million!

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Comments; Steph Curry trolling Sam Presti? (Via bleacherreport/IG)

He commented on this post:

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Harden joins some old friends 🏆

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Steph’s response:

Think KD-Russ-Harden would’ve wanted to stay together?

“They had a hit. They had ‘Say my name.’ You have to win a title before you can say ‘let’s break up.’ Would they have won one? Yes.” – Perez who made a Destiny Child’s reference

“I’m going to say they would not. Long-term, one of them would have left. It is the most fascinating what if in the NBA of the last 10-15 years ” – Lowe

“What’s Harden’s ceiling if he stays on that team with the 3? Is he still just sixth man of the year every single year? There’s only one ball” – Perez

“I think he took a gamble. I think it paid off. He got exactly what he needed” – Perez on Sam Presti

June 26, 1996 – “With the first pick in the 1996 NBA Draft…the Philadelphia 76ers select…Allen Iverson from Georgetown University” – David Stern (Former Commissioner of the NBA)


Best #NBATwitter moments of the season?

Perez: “Secret tunnel saga from Staples Center. We can talk about this forever”

Lowe: “Anything Embiid does”

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