Show Recap: June 14, 2018

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Opening Tip
*Myles Garrett: KD “Broke the league” (Via 92.3 The Fan; Cleveland)
*Top pick in the 2017 NFL Draft

Today’s Panel:


First Half

Opening Monologue: Will Lakers glitter lead to gold?


Will Magic Johnson catch a big fish or two this summer?

Casinos started releasing LeBron free agency odds, listing LA as 7:4 favorites

LeBron’s son committed to a high school in Los Angeles (As Gary Payton told Black Sports Online)
But per Scottie Pippen on Tuesday’s show: “Not official yet”

Lakers owner, Jeanie Buss tweeted this last night







June 14, 1998 – Michael Jordan…The Shot!

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Young Make or Miss
“Swaggy Champ”

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Nostalgia; Remember when the caricature champ tee was big? (Via u/logicatch; NBA Reddit)

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Bob Myers on his parade comment: “[KD’s] fine. We laughed about it.” (Via Anthony Slater of The Athletic)

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Bounce; Who in the league has bounce like this? (Via _lilcourt3x_/IG)

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Complacency; What do you expect from Jabari next year? (Via trayfour/IG)
Working out with Ray Allen

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Growth Spurts; Should this 12-year-old be allowed to play on 8-foot rims? (Via SportsCenter/Twitter |

Topics (Cont’d):

Would you take 2001 Lakers “against any team” like Kobe Bryant? (Via Hoopshype)

Click here to read a Q&A of their conversation



Second Half

Hornets Center, Dwight Howard joins The Jump!



Dwight on not watching the NBA Finals

Michael Wilbon: “D.C. is the stage LeBron needs” (Via The Undefeated)

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Dwight on the free agency process and what he learned from it

Buy that LeBron wouldn’t fit in Philly?



How Lakers can land LeBron, Kawhi & PG by Kevin Pelton (ESPN)

Yesterday…Bill Walton stole the Bill Russell frame and replaced it with this…


Time for…


Occurred in 2011

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“When he (Jameer) got ready to throw the ball, I saw Jrue Holiday about to jump and I actually said something in mid-air: ‘What are you thinking?'” – Howard

Andre Iguodala had a reaction too…

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Occurred in 2015

“I was thinking that Chris Paul wanted me to carry him to the Finals!” – Howard

“He was really just trying to foul me before the play started” – Howard

He then talked about CP3 and his unfortunate injury as well as his other former Rockets teammates (Particularly his former backup, Clint Capela). He also thought the Rockets, his former team, could have won it all this year and gives his love to the city of Houston

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Occurred in 2007

“That was a great moment, man. It’s Tim Duncan” – Howard

Fun Fact: The reason why Dwight Howard chose to wear number 12 was that he wanted to be “the reverse of Tim Duncan.” Duncan wore #21

Dwight was celebrating like everyone else…

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Pop on the other hand…

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Occurred in 2012

“The worst moment of my life!” – Howard

Backstory: Two Orlando Magic employees were in the back. As Dwight was walking out, they asked him to go over there and put his arm around Stan and let everybody know that they were okay.

“We had a game that night and that was the worst game I’ve played” – Howard

“Shoutout to Stan, man” – Howard

Tells a story about Stan and did some funny impressions of him!

Current relationship with Stan:

“We never had a bad relationship. I have no issues with Stan” – Howard

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June 14, 2000 – Kobe Bryant with wrap around pass and a powerful finish by Shaq!

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Would you take a chance on Michael Porter Jr.?

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