Show Recap: June 13, 2018

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Amin, do you regret even trying this (Via American Ninja Warrior/NBC)

Today’s Panel:


First Half

Opening Monologue: “Kawhi will be the first domino to fall” – Nichols




Click here to read more about the Kawhi Saga (Via Woj)


Will Kawhi be a Spur on opening night?


See Kyrie with Celtics long-term?


June 13, 1997 – MJ to Steve Kerr who hits the game-winning jumper!

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Kawhi Make or Miss

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Hydration; Was Jordan Bell the MVP (Most Valuable Parader)?
He ran out of Henny, ended up crowdsourcing to get more!

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Hydration; KD can hit a 30-foot pull-up but can’t pop a cork?

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Grudges; Draymond the most old-school player we have today? (Via NBCSWarriors/Twitter)
“Tristan, we ain’t cut the same” – Green

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Credit: warriorsworld/Twitter

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Fatigue; Expect Joakim Noah to bounce back next season? (Via ChrisJHoops/Twitter)

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Recruiting; Josh Hart already coming after PG-13? (Via jhart/IG)

Topics (Cont’d):

Would it be smart for PG-13 to remain in OKC?


Second Half

Topics (Cont’d):

Still feel like KD is an outsider with Warriors? (Via anthonyVslater/Twitter)


Any concern over Lakers diss tracks?

Recap of the lyrics (Song: Kylie Kuzma):

You ain’t on my level,
You ain’t as famous as my baby

I’m working out daily,
But I ain’t posting it

Big Baller Brand getting bread,
Little Kuz is getting crumbs

Trying to be Russell Westbrook,
You just honorable mention

Claiming that I can’t shoot,
But all these words is hitting you

Triple B’s is for the culture,
Your squad is a bunch of vultures



Reaction to Dame Lillard’s clapback at fans? (Via Twitter)


Courting the King: How every team can pitch LeBron | Front Office Insider, Bobby Marks details the offseason outlook for each team

Artists from 30 NBA cities are asked to pitch LeBron for their favorite team, via a billboard

The great Bill Walton joins The Jump!


“I haven’t been able to jump in 32 years. Air Bill” – Walton


New “TV Series” on The Jump…

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Hope Luke gets chance to coach LeBron James?

June 13, 1993 – Scottie Pippen bounces the ball off the back of Danny Ainge and slams it home!!

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Time for a game of…



What John Wooden thought of Walton getting arrested:
“He did not like that. That was one of the two times he was maddest at me for”

The other time: Bill gave out Wooden’s home number (818-343-2266) during a show that they put together for 25,000 fans at Staples Center


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“We won the game. I played to win” – Walton


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“Come on ref! He’s using my shoulder as a catapult there. Please!” – Walton

In the Philippines; The American Sportsman on ABC hosted by the late Curt Gowdy

“This was when I finally came across someone who has a bigger nose than I do. This was a very wild trip” – Walton

“We won a sports emmy for best environmental documentary of the year” – Walton


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“This is one of the great games in the history of the world” – Walton

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