Show Recap: June 12, 2018

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Opening Tip
Draymond keeping the shirt shade going?
“That’s a mood. It’s definitely a mood…for sure” on the importance of the sweep of the Cavs

Today’s Panel:


First Half

Opening Monologue: League scrambles to solve Warriors conundrum



Should Warriors take pay cuts to keep dynasty going?

Bob Myers: “Warriors will give KD ‘Whatever he wants'”


June 12, 1990 – Clyde “The Glide” Drexler with the nasty one-handed dunk, plus the foul!

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Diss Tracks; Does Kyle Kuzma need to respond to Lonzo?
Lonzo Ball released a diss track directed at Kuz called “Kylie Kuzma”

Here’s a portion of the lyrics:

You ain’t on my level,
You ain’t as famous as my baby

I’m working out daily,
But I ain’t posting it

Big Baller Brand getting bread,
Little Kuz is getting crumbs

Trying to be Russell Westbrook,
You just honorable mention

Claiming that I can’t shoot,
But all these words is hitting you

Triple B’s is for the culture,
Your squad is a bunch of vultures

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Proportions; Is tiny hands Shaq the best Shaq? (Via The Ellen DeGeneres Show)

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Stock; Anybody seen their stock rise as much as Mo Bamba?
Shot 80 percent from three in a workout!

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Mercy; USA U-18 squad beat Panama by 92

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Clapbacks; Kobe responds to legacy trolls

Topics (Cont’d):

Reaction to Kobe defending himself on Twitter?

Draymond channels E-40 at 2015 parade

Second Half

Topics (Cont’d):

How can Warriors stay hungry?



2018 NBA Summer League schedule released



Will teams take summer league more seriously?


Latest episode of Uninterrupted’s “Trophies: The Final Face Off”


During a commercial break yesterday…Scottie Pippen still hot on Game 1 call

Time to…

Run it Back

How much did Block/Charge in Game 1 change the Finals?

From the 1994 Playoffs: Pippen fouls a Hue Hollins on a three-point shot attempt. But there wasn’t any contact:

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Gary Payton says LeBron Jr. is committed to school in LA (Via Black Sports Online)

June 12, 1990 – Joe Dumars with the arching shot to beat the shot clock buzzer!

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“You know a lot of you are probably expecting to see Joe. His father passed away this afternoon and he didn’t know anything about it. He made one shot today going down the lane, the shot clock was running down and he threw it real high in the air and it went in. We kind of looked at each other and smiled. I said to myself: ‘Your dad threw that one in'” – Isiah Thomas

Final Topic:

Raptors hire assistant Nick Nurse as head coach


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Kyrie not considering an extension right now?

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