Show Recap: June 7, 2018 (Live from Cleveland)

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Opener: Klay Thompson on KD (Via NBA TV)
“He gave me and Steph a night off” – Klay Thompson

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First Half

Opening Monologue: KD’s Golden State of Mind
Fact: 4 of his shots were beyond 30 feet. He had never had one game before where he hit more than one 30 footer. In NBA history, there has never been an entire team that has four 30 foot plus shots in a playoff game. He did it by himself.

Blazers guard, CJ McCollum supports KD’s right to free agency


Does it bother you how good Warriors are?IMG_8140.jpg

“It bothers me that it’s not competitive. It’s so lopsided when you watch this series. It’s not fun to watch” – TMac

“He [KD] said that he needs to be validated. Brother, you are validated in this league. Please leave.” – TMac

“They’ve made it work. They’ve figured it out and other teams can’t do that or trying to and they’re getting  what we consider ‘close’ but not close enough” – Carter

“If KD wasn’t on this team, this year, its 2-1 Cleveland” – TMac

How did Cavs contain Curry?

“This was a bad shooting night. He had some wide open shots that he just missed” – TMac

“They (Cavs) were getting to him quicker.” – Carter

June 7, 1997 – MJ, wrapped up by Greg Ostertag, finishes a difficult layup plus the foul

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Make or Miss League

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Selfie-Oops; Better LeBron Selfie-Oop: 2017 or 2018?

Last Night:
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Composure; Did Draymond get away with too much? (Has 5 techs in this year’s playoffs; 2 more and he’ll get an automatic 1 game suspension)Animated GIF-downsized_large (3).gif

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Comebacks; Iguodala’s return create too much separation between Warriors & Cavs?Animated GIF-downsized_large (4).gif

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Hummus; #WhatsNextForTheFreak?

Topics (Cont’d):

Bryan Colangelo resign as 76ers President of Basketball OperationsIMG_8141.jpg




“This is devastating for the Sixers because if you are looking to improve your team and really acquire somebody of LeBron James’ caliber, that now is out the window” – TMac

“He is the most eligible executive on the market right now. LeBron has named dropped him in press conferences 3 times throughout the NBA playoffs” -McMenamin

“We’ve gotten this problem out of the way, now we’re moving forward” – Carter

“Most of us as players were more concerned about the coach” – Carter

Could David Griffin be the next man in charge of the Sixers?


Second Half

LeBron James on KD from last night’s postgame press conference:

“You guys asked me this last year, what was the difference between the Warriors the previous year and this year, and what was my answer? All right. There it is. Kevin Durant was my answer. He’s one of the best players that I’ve ever played against that this league has ever seen. His ability to handle the ball, shoot the ball, make plays at his length, his size, his speed” – LeBron James

“But you definitely tip your hat. I mean, that’s what he does. He’s a scorer. You know, he’s assassin, and that was one of those assassin plays right there.” – LeBron James

Topics (Cont’d):

How much fight does LeBron have left?

“It got sucked out the building last night” – McMenamin

“I don’t think they’re going to lay down. LeBron does not want to get swept” – Carter

“The greatness of Kevin Durant came and took over the game” – TMac

 “He’s really getting no rest” – TMac

Should Cavs have gone to Rodney Hood sooner?

“It’s easy to say that now because he played so well. I think he should having been given the opportunity” – Carter

“He (Lue) should have been going to Hood. But I think its how you utilize him” – TMac

“He (LeBron) has to trust his guys. He has to give these guys some freedom to go out there and do something” – Carter

Reaction to Dan Gilbert’s deleted tweet about refs?

Explanation of the call reversal between Curry and LeBron


“It seemed like they were letting them play. He did that on purpose” – Carter

Consider #RefWatchParty a success?IMG_8149.jpg

“I don’t feel like there was a ton of tweets though. They ignored some of the questions that were being posted” – McMenamin


Tides turning in LeBron-KD Rivarly by Brian Windhorst

Topics (Cont’d):


Ayton: “I know I’m going No. 1” | Like how confident Ayton is about going No. 1?

“Be confident coming into this league. He believes in his ability” – TMac

“It’s nothing like it at all” – TMac and Carter on playing for your hometown team

Expect Kawhi to stay with Spurs?

Kawhi would be turning down lots of money if he decides not to sign it

“The question coming from the player: ‘I want know how long are you going to be here, Pop?'” – TMac

“Kawhi with this team this year was pretty damn good team and very competitive in the Western Conference. I think he should re-sign” – TMac

“He’s important. He fits with what happens and what goes on and what Pop and the Spurs are about” – Carter

“The Warriors are teaching everybody what you need to do to win a title” – Nichols

June 7, 2007 – Tony Parker with the bounce pass to Francisco Elson who throws it down, plus the foul!

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Final Topics:

Who’s your Finals MVP now? Vince and Tracy: Kevin Durant

KD on if LeBron won Finals MVP and the Cavs lose the series (Via Connor Letourneau)

“It’d be hard for LeBron to accept that knowing that he lost these Finals” – TMac

“The MVP is the MVP of the winning team. I’ve always believed that” – Carter

“Here’s where people are missing on this MVP thing: KD is playing with 3 other all stars and averaging 32 points. LeBron James with Kevin Love and a bunch of role players. He has to do that. His numbers are going to be like that because he has to do more” – TMac


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Giannis tries funyuns #WhatsNextForTheFreak

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