Show Recap: June 4, 2018 (Live from Oakland at Lake Chalet Restaurant)

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Opener: While shooting free throws, J.R. Smith hears the crowd chant:MVp

Today’s Panel:Panel.JPG

First Half

Opening Monologue: “Steph Curry’s impact greater than awards can measure” – Nichols
Set an NBA Finals record of 9 three-pointers made in a game

How likely the average NBA player is to make each 3 point shot that Curry took in Game 2 (Via Second Spectrum):

1st shot: 34 percent chance
2nd shot: 35 percent chance
3rd shot: 28 percent chance
4th shot: 30 percent chance
5th shot: 32 percent chance
6th shot: 39 percent chance
7th shot: 26 percent chance (the circus shot (Parking Lot Three) as the shot clock was about to expire)
8th shot: 34 percent chance
9th shot: 31 percent chance

“I was focused in the 4th quarter” – Curry to Rachel Nichols on the Kendrick Perkins incident at the end of the 3rd quarter



–Steph Curry the Warriors most important player?

“When he plays well, they are unstoppable. He defines the culture” – Elhassan

“He hits backbreaking, confidence, dwindling threes. They’re killer” – Haynes

“Steph hasn’t played up to his regular season standards in the NBA Finals” – Haynes

“Steph is the most important because of the way he does it. The way he kills teams’ motivation” – Haynes

“They [Warriors] didn’t get him [Kevin Durant] for this. They got him because they could” – Elhassan on the Warriors getting KD not because of LeBron and the Cavs, but that they could

“They [Warriors] don’t beat Cleveland without Kevin Durant” – Haynes

June 4, 2000 – Bryant….to SHAQ!!!! (Kobe’s alley-oop to Shaq in the WCF vs the Blazers)


Kawhi Make or Miss

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Respect; Like seeing Jordan Bell talk trash to LeBron?Animated GIF-downsized_large.gif

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Improvisation; More ridiculous Steph shot
Last Night:
Animated GIF-downsized_large (1).gif

Animated GIF-downsized_large (2).gif

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Composure; Perfect illustration of what’s like to guard Steph?K Love.JPG

Make Logo
Perfection; Shaun Livingston is 9-9 from the field in the Finals (through 2 games)

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Heartbreak; Like how Harden has rebounded from losing in WCF?
Attended a Travis Scott concert and was on stage with himAnimated GIF-downsized_large (3).gif

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Speculation; Steven Adams not a Melo fan?
An IG account called ‘therussway’ asked the question: “Who’s more valuable to OKC?”
Adams, Russ, Melo or PG-13. Someone commented “All of them except Melo” and Steven Adams liked that comment! (Comment has since been deleted)


Just an accident per Royce Young

Topics (Cont’d):

–Steven Adams not a Melo fan?

“He’s not going to have a choice but to come away and I think that way is to come off as a reserve” – Haynes


–Like idea of using challenge system in summer league?

Challenge Flag Rule.JPG

“This is a great idea if they reduce the number of non-challenge initiated reviews.” – Elhassan

“I like it. And that’s one thing you got to give props to Adam Silver because he definitely listens to you. He’s willing to change things if you really need to” – Haynes

Splash brothers joking about Klay’s ankle injury (Via NBA TV)
“Should have asked me” – Curry to Klay

Second Half

Time to…
Run it Back
Sounds of Game 2 of the NBA Finals

–Did Klay look hurt to you?
Klay Stats.JPG

Klay Quote.JPG
Credit: Shams Charania of Yahoo! Sports

“It looked like: It was no way he go from limping to next day to being able to do what he did in Game 2” – Haynes

“It got to the point where Draymond called Nick Young and said ‘Nick. We’re going to need you play big minutes'” – Haynes

“People don’t respect Klay enough. If Klay had his own team, he’d be Reggie Miller. He’d be averaging 25.0ppg, his team would be going to the playoffs, he’d have division titles” – Elhassan

Bonus: Would you rather have Klay’s career or Reggie Miller’s career?

Chris and Amin: “Klay”

Click here to read more about this topic (Via Yahoo Sports)

–Understand Tristan Thompson’s frustration?

After last night’s game:

Reporter: “Do you feel like a sense of helplessness out there when you can’t defend him [Stephen]?”

Tristan: “No. [Bleep] We did a good job. When I’m switching on him, I’m guarding him. I am never helpless with no guy in the NBA. [Bleep] that. [Bleep] up [Bleep]”

“Double T. I give him his props. I like his competitiveness” – Haynes

“Helpless? He’s right. He is helpless” – Elhassan

–Cavs intimidation tactics on Curry not working?
Curry: 16 points (5-5 3-pt FG) after Perk incident

“It’s good to see because a lot people, they view Stephen Curry as soft in many ways” – Haynes

High Noon (9am Pacific) with Pablo & Bomani premieres today!

The return of former ESPN Insider: Marc Stein (Now with the NY Times)Marc Stein.JPGP.S. Subscribe to Stein’s weekly newsletter!

Topics (Cont’d):

–Warriors impact on Bay Area Community?

“I think you see it everywhere you go. You walk these streets, it’s religion here. I don’t think that’s an exaggeration” – Stein

“You see the banners on the buildings. I see it everywhere” – Elhassan

“I think, behind the scenes, they are worried how this move is going to go. How will it be received” – Stein on the Warriors moving to San Francisco in 2019

–What changed for Kevin Durant in Game 2?

“More in the flow of the game. He was not shot hunting but getting his within the flow of the offense” – Elhassan

“The defense field his offense. He was active on the board and just patient, offensively. He wasn’t bailing them out” – Stein

June 1, 1997 – MJ starting on the right side, hanging in the air and finishes with the tough reverse layup vs the Jazz!

Animated GIF-downsized_large (4).gif

Final Topics:

–LeBron still have path to Finals MVP?

“I actually do think LeBron is still in the MVP mix. And even if they [Cavs] get swept, if I was voting, I would ponder it because the guy is carrying the most insane load we have ever seen” – Stein

“He can’t win Finals MVP if they [Cavs] get swept. They have to at least give us the illusion of competitiveness” – Elhassan

–Expectations for Cavs in Game 3?

“I think Game 3 is a game where they hit their 3s and they win” – Elhassan

“Which Warriors will we see? That is the question” – Stein


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