Show Recap: May 15, 2018 (TD Garden in Boston)

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Opener: LeBron’s mindset for Game 2

Today’s Panel:

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First Half

Opening Monologue: Not a normal Game 2 for the Cavs and Celtics


–Expect Lineup adjustment to work for Cavs in Game 2?

“You are getting a guy [Tristan Thompson] in your lineup that provides great energy that can provide great second chances on the offensive end” – TMac

“Even though they are going to start with this lineup, the lineup they are probably going to close with and lineup they’ll go to a lot is again Kevin Love at the 5 and have all their shooters spread around with LeBron James because that we know is the most effective Cleveland Cavaliers team” – Elhassan

–How demoralizing was losing Game 1 for Rockets?

“Kevin Durant, man. He’s a big problem. I don’t think there’s anything that you can do” – TMac

“Defensively, the Rockets really failed in Game 1 because they just couldn’t keep up with everything” – Elhassan

–Draymond toeing the line with behavior? (5 techs away from suspension)

“That’s Draymond Green at his best. I want him to be energetic because that’s the role he puts on the team” – Elhassan

“That’s his role. I want him to be that guy. You need guys like Draymond and Charles Oakley on your team” – TMac

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Attention; Scott Foster pumping fake Ariza and Thompson

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Finishes; Travis Scott loved this CP3 ankle breaker

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Ambition; Master P wants to coach the Raptors?
Via TMZ Sports

Master P

May 15, 1993 – MJ goes all the way and finishes with a tough left-handed layup, with the tongue sticking out!

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Haywatch now has a theme song!

Celtics ESPN Reporter, Chris Forsberg joins the panel to talk Celtics

Topics (Cont’d):

–Latest on #Haywatch?

“He is working with a running specialist in Indianapolis. He says he finally feels like an athlete again. They still have been adamant that there is no way, no way, that he is going to play” – Forsberg

–Young Celtics not afraid of LeBron?

“Unlike a team like Toronto who has LeBron on the mind, these young Celtics are just unfazed by it” – Forsberg

“This is something you expect out of high draft picks. These guys come in and provide this for your franchise. I didn’t expect this to happen so soon. They’re showing it” – TMac

“That growth mindset is the reason why they are here” – Forsberg

Second Half

Vince Carter, the cousin of Tracy McGrady, joins The Jump for the rest of the show

Topics (Cont’d):

–Think Celtics will shut down LeBron again?

“They’re athletic. A lot of guys flying around. A lot of different bodies are guarding LeBron. You can’t just key in on one guy anymore” – Carter

“They compact the lane, cut off his driving lanes. Allow him to kick out to the shooters. They are so athletic and long that they can compact the lane and get out to those shooters” – TMac

“I’m gonna give Marcus [Morris] his due. But, LeBron let him off the hook. He was too passive, non-aggressive” – TMac

–Anything Rockets can do against KD in isolation?

“You have to give him different looks. You can’t give them the same look multiple times down the court. You have to keep them guessing” – Carter

“With KD, with his slender build, you got to beat him up and wear him down” – TMac

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Jay Williams on Marvin Bagley III (The Next Level)

NBA Draft Lottery

Game-changing lottery moments:

–1992: Magic win lottery & draft Shaquille O’Neal
–1997: Spurs win lottery & draft Tim Duncan
–2003: Cavs win lottery & draft LeBron James

Ayton quote
Credit: Slam Magazine

That quote and more can be found here

–Any game changers in this draft?

“You have to wait and see” – Carter

“I look at Trae Young that could potentially can be another Steph Curry the way he shoots the ball” – TMac

–Team you’re rooting for to get No. 1 pick?

“The one thing, its scary to me: at this juncture of the league, having too many young guys is not a great thing. Our league is so young. It’s scary to have too many young guys on the same team without any veterans” – Carter

“I want to see the Suns get this No. 1 pick because they’ve been bad for so many years and I would hate for them to waste Devin Booker’s talent. He is such a phenomenal player and I think he can be a perennial all-star in this league. This is a very important offseason for Phoenix” – TMac

Time to…
Run it back
–How should LeBron approach tonight?

“Be LeBron. From the tip, go to the rack. Do what you do. Put the shots up. You have to set the tone” – Carter

“LeBron’s jumper has to be on because they [Celtics] are not going to allow him to get to the paint. They are going to clog it up” – TMac

Eric Gordon wants to change Rockets gameplan?

“He’s right. You cannot beat a team like Golden State, who are solid defensively, who is too good on the offensive end and allow CP and James to have iso ball and have these other guys just standing around watching” – TMac

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Credit: Marc J. Spears of The Undefeated

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