Show Recap: May 8, 2018

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Opening Tip
Jayson Tatum been watching film of Steve Smith?

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Today’s Panel:


First Half

Opening Monologue: “LeBron destroys another franchise” – Nichols



–Most to blame for Raptors getting swept?
Paul Pierce’s…

Blame Pie

The first piece goes to…

Pie 1

The second piece goes to…

Pie 2

Next two pieces goes to…

Pie 3

And last but not least…

Pie 4

And the pie is complete! Enjoy!

All Pie

–Rodney Hood refusing to play in garbage time a bad look?

May 7, 1990 – Scottie Pippen with the one-handed dunk on Sir Charles Barkley!

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Young Make or Miss

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Opportunities; Will Game 4 now be known as “The McConnell Game”?
Got the start yesterday pouring in a career-high 19 points, 9/12 FG

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Stopping the ball; When did George Hill turn into Westbrook?
Twice in the opening minutes from last night’s game, no one picked up George Hill. Uncontested dunks.

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Challenges; Kanter challenges LeBron to prove he’s the king of NY

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Humility; Trust J.R. to keep this up?
Was a perfect 6 for 6 from the field last night; Had 15 points

“He’s like Jesus. He might not be there when you want him, but he’s always on time” – Paul Pierce

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Scoreboard; Embiid talking like this down 3-0?
3rd quarter dunk by Embiid, runs down the court, chirping at Marcus Morris and he chirps back at Embiid

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Topics (Cont’d):

–Embiid turn Sixers-Celtics rivalry up a notch?
–Trust the Process in Game 5?

–Wolves assistant coach, Rick Brunson resigned amid allegations he had harassed several women (Per Jon Krawczynski of The Athletic)

Second Half

Topics (Cont’d):

–Like Donovan Mitchell walking back comments on James Harden?

Credit: Dana Greene

–Kerr on Iguodala: “Reminds me a lot of Scottie Pippen”
–Pelicans on brink of elimination tonight vs Warriors

Rachel’s conversation with AD, Jrue & Rondo

Topics (Cont’d):

–David Fizdale introduced as Knicks Head Coach | Believe Fizdale can turn Knicks around?
–Good idea for Clippers to extend on Doc Rivers?


May 8, 1995  – Eddie Jones dunks on David Robinson!

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Final Topic:

Time to…

Run it Back

–Richard Jefferson interviews J.R. Smith after Game 4 | Tougher matchup for Cavs: Celtics or Sixers?

Pierce and Pippen: The Celtics

Shoutout to Rachel Nichols’ Washington Capitals!
They advanced to the Eastern Conference Finals last night. First D.C. team in a major pro sport to advance to any conference final in 20 years. Last time that happened, Nichols was a reporter for the Washington Post, where she wrote an article on it



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