Show Recap: May 31, 2018 (Live from Oakland at Lake Chalet Restaurant)

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Opener: LeBron on whether the Cavs would make the playoffs this year despite their inconsistency all year long


Today’s Panel:


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Breaking News
Kevin Love cleared for Game 1 (Concussion)

Rachel Nichols’ conversation with LeBron James

–How should LeBron attack Warriors in Game 1?Dei-RiiWsAAHaMc.jpg

May 31, 2006 – Ben Wallace blocks Shaq and forces a jump ball!

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Jamal Crawford naming all the coaches he has played for during his career:

Jamal Coaches.JPG

–Why’d you choose to become a free agent?

Jump Game:What were you thinking.JPG

–When you saw Kirk Hinrich between you and the basket?Animated GIF-downsized_large (2).gif
“I never done that particular move, before or after. I was going to go behind the back twice. We both were surprised” – Crawford

–When CP3 looked at you like this?CP3.JPG
“He baited me. He got me. But before, what happened was, he actually got me in my nose the game before. My nose started bleeding. Playoff emotions that’s all. Still my brother” – Crawford

–When it was just you and Blake on the break?Animated GIF-downsized_large (3).gif
“Me and Blake got together in September and talked about this play. Fast forward: that happened in March. We had never practiced it, never talked about it” – Crawford

–When you crossed up yourself? Animated GIF-downsized_large (4).gif
“I didn’t know what I was going to do. CP, being great with his hands, he got me. Right here and sat down on me” – Crawford

Animated GIF-downsized_large.gif

Here are the accounts that may be associated with Colangelo, per The Ringer:


Click here to read more about this topic

Latest on Sixers burnergate investigation

–What was your reaction to the burner accounts?

Rachel Nichols’ conversation with Stephen Curry

–What do 2018 Finals mean for Steph Curry?DejGc5pWAAISYcu.jpg

May 31, 1999 – Sean Elliott with the clutch 3-pointer vs the Blazers!

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Big 3 founder, Ice Cube joins The Jump!

–Harder to guard: Durant or LeBron?
–LeBron to the Lakers a good fit?
–Expectations for Season 2 of Big 3?
–What is the Big 3 conference challenge ticket promotion?


Rachel Nichols’ conversation with Ty Lue


–Does Ty Lue get enough credit?

DejNGimWsAETOX1.jpg#Haywatch update: Gordon Hayward cleared to resume basketball activities in 6-8 weeks


–How can Cavs keep it close tonight?DejOmojX4AIGW9X
–Andre Iguodala out for Game 1
–How does Kevin Love’s presence change things for Cavs?

Show Recap: May 30, 2018 (The Jump Finals Preview Special from May 29)


Note: This a recap of today’s show as it aired, not the 2-hour show from yesterday, which is why Kevin Arnovitz and other topics were not featured.


First Half:Panel.JPG

Second Half:Panel 2.JPG

First Half


–Warriors better or worse than last year?Capture.JPG
–Give LeBron a puncher’s chance vs Warriors?IMG_8041.JPG

May 29, 1997 – John Stockton with the game-winning buzzer-beating three to send the Utah Jazz to their first ever NBA Finals!

Animated GIF-downsized_large (1)


Video essay by Brian Windhorst – LeBron continues to spoil Finals dreams

Topics (Cont’d):

–LeBron being underdog in 7 of 9 Finals trips help or hurt legacy?IMG_8042.JPG
–How does this Finals impact LeBron’s free agency?

Second Half

Jump Ball (NBA Finals Edition):

Jump Ball.JPG

–More likely to win Finals MVP: LeBron or Steph?

Amin: Stephen Curry

Byron: Stephen Curry

Tracy: LeBron James

–Bigger potential loss: Kevin Love or Andre Iguodala?

Tracy: Kevin Love

Byron: Kevin Love/Andre Iguodala

Amin: Kevin Love

–Who should be more worried about turnovers: Cavs or Warriors?

Tracy: Cavs

Byron: Cavs

Amin: Warriors

–Over/Under .5 Klay Thompson scoring outbursts in Finals?

Amin: Needs 1 game

Byron: None

Tracy: Needs 1 game

Can the King trust his guys?Animated GIF-downsized_large.gif

–Can LeBron trust Kevin Love in Finals (If healthy)?
–Can LeBron trust Tristan Thompson in Finals?
–Can LeBron trust Kyle Korver in the Finals?
–Can LeBron trust George Hill in the Finals?
–Can LeBron trust J.R. Smith in the Finals?


25 reasons why Cavs-Warriors is most enjoyable rivalry in sports


–Most likely to Drop 50?

Byron and Tracy: LeBron James

–Most likely to get ejected?

Byron and Tracy: Draymond Green

–More likely unexpected hero: JR or Swaggy?

Byron: J.R. Smith

Tracy: Jordan Bell (Chose neither of the choices and took another route)

–Most likely to win best dressed?

Byron: Cleveland

Tracy: Kyle Korver

–Most likely to catch a dunkface?

Tracy: Draymond Green

Byron: Tristan Thompson

–More likely: Sweep or 6 games?

Tracy and Byron: Sweep


Show Recap: May 29, 2018

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Opening Tip
Are you as excited for the finals as these fans [Warriors]?

Today’s Panel:


First Half

Opening Monologue: “Not the paths we expected to Warriors-Cavs IV” – Nichols


–Who has the most to lose in NBA Finals?
–Playoffs making you rethink Awards?


May 29, 1997 – John Stockton with the game-winning buzzer-beating three to send the Utah Jazz to their first ever NBA Finals!

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Make or Miss League.JPG

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Extra Defenders; Any credit to Zaza for his bench defense?Animated GIF-downsized_large (2).gif

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Layups; Excited to watch Fultz next season? (markellefultz/IG)
Showing off his hops on his IG (Happy Birthday, Markelle)

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Therapy; Embiid taking out his playoff frustration? (AStrait25/Twitter)
Embiid is playing pickup basketball in South Philly. Bounces it off a guy’s face and then windmills it!

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Subtlety; Marcus Smart: “I’m worth more than $12-14 million a year”
Soon to be restricted free agent

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Stanky Leg; Feel bad for Ryan Anderson?
Animated GIF-downsized_large (4).gif

Jump Game: Blame Pie

Blame Pie Harden.JPG

Blame Pie Rockets.JPG

Most to blame for Rockets loss to Warriors?

Supporting CastBlame Pie Supporting Cast.JPG
Daryl MoreyBlame Pie Morey.JPG
The Basketball GodsBlame Pie God.JPG
Mike D’AntoniBlame Pie Coach.JPG
James HardenDeY0FKlXcAUuzM3.jpg

Second Half

Time to…
Run it Back
Sounds of Game 7 of the Western Conference Finals

–What makes Warriors so lethal in 3rd quarter?DeY16W5WAAI41Bk.jpg
–How should Rockets approach offseason?DeY2t4BXUAEZPVf.jpg


ESPN Boston’s Chris Forsberg on Marcus Smart. Says “My heart is here”

Sounds of Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Finals

–Expectations for Celtics next season?
–LeBron on Tatum: “He’s built for stardom” | Jayson Tatum’s role next year?


“Five Leaf Clover” Starting Five?

May 29, 1995 – Rik Smits, aka “The Dunking Dutchman” with the pump fake and game winning shot vs the Magic!

Animated GIF-downsized_large.gif

Scottie Pippen and Andre Iguodala comparing each other’s games (Video)

–Warriors chances if Iguodala is hurt?

“We would have won the series in five if Iggy played” (Via Marc J. Spears of The Undefeated)

Kevin Love uncertain for Game 1 of Finals (Concussion), per Coach Ty Lue

Show Recap: May 25, 2018 (Live from Cleveland; Town Hall Cafe)

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Opener: LeBron on the Cavs defense in the playoffs this year

Today’s Panel:

First Half Only:Panel.JPG

Second Half Only:Panel 2.JPG

First Half

Opening Monologue: Is this the end for LeBron and the Cavs?



–What happens with LeBron if Cavs lose tonight?

“He’s got a complex decision because there isn’t a scenario out there that’s a perfect scenario. Where it’s a championship contender, perfect for his family, to challenge Warriors, Rockets, Celtics, and Sixers. What’s probably going to end up happening is he’s going to have to make a concession. Maybe that he stays here [Cleveland] or he goes elsewhere” – Windhorst

“How could he possibly look himself in the mirror and say: ‘You know what? My best chance of winning next year is staying with this team that just got embarrassed'” –  McMenamin on if the Cavs lose this game vs the Celtics

“He is not going to be the first part of a team. He’s not going to be Player A. He wants to be Player C.” – Windhorst on if he were to go elsewhere and be a third option

Crossover: The story of Laurence Moses Bryant (Uninterrupted)


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Praise; Fan of Damian Lillard’s clapback to 1st team All-NBA haters?


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Posters; Is this why Draymond didn’t make 1st team All-Defense?

Animated GIF-downsized_large (1).gif

Animated GIF-downsized_large (2).gif

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Hypocrisy; Perfect response by Steve Kerr?

Animated GIF-downsized_large (3).gif

Animated GIF-downsized_large (4).gif

Animated GIF-downsized_large (5).gif

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Taunting; Like CP3 giving Steph Curry a taste of his own medicine?


“Some days you shimmy. Some days you get shimmied on” (Bumper Sticker) – Windhorst

Topics (Cont’d):

–Chris Paul out for Game 6 (Hamstring) | Rockets have any chance in Game 6 without CP3?

“The thing that they still might have a chance is that the Warriors are dealing with injuries themselves” – McMenamin

“We could be in 15-20 years talking about this injury because they [Rockets] are going to be 3-2, with home court advantage coming in. The difference between Houston winning and losing a championship this year might be that injury” – Windhorst

“They [Rockets] had the momentum in this series. This could be a significant moment in NBA history, I hope I’m wrong” – Windhorst

“Unfortunately, this is part of the Chris Paul experience” – Windhorst

–Should Harden care more about shooting struggles?


“Some of it is probably just bad luck” – Windhorst

May 25, 1997 – Eddie Johnson with the game-winning three-point shot over the Jazz!

Animated GIF-downsized_large.gif

Second Half

Highlights from Game 6 of the 2010 East Semifinals, LeBron’s final game with the Cavs

Topics (Cont’d):

–LeBron on facing elimination tonight | What needs to change for Cavs tonight?

Elimination LBJ.JPG

“They [Cavs] got to make three-pointers. In this series, when they’ve made threes, they’ve done a lot better than they have” – Windhorst

“For the Cavs, they just have to find a little bit more consistency out of one or two more guys actually contributing” – Jefferson

Jump Game: What were you thinking? With Richard Jefferson

When you “retired” in 2016?

“I was trying to get Griff [David Griffin] (Former Cavs GM) to pay me more money” – Jefferson

When you dunked on Klay on Christmas?

Animated GIF-downsized_large (8).gif

When you left your feet to make this block against Stanford in 2001?

Animated GIF-downsized_large (6).gif

When you had a game-saving block on Chauncey in 2004?


When they called an offensive foul?

Animated GIF-downsized_large (7).gif


Howard Beck on Kerr/Draymond Relationship (Bleacher Report)

Topics (Cont’d):

–KD trying to do too much?

Here’s what Warriors Head Coach, Steve Kerr told KD, who was mic’d up during the TNT broadcast:

“When MJ was with the Bulls, we had a playoff game. He kept trying to score and he was scoring, but we weren’t getting anything going. Phil Jackson said ‘Who’s open?’ ‘John Paxson.’ I want you to trust your teammates early. What you’re doing is you’re getting to the rim and then you’re trying to hit him. I want you to trust the first guy and then move. Still attack, still look to score, but trust these guys, OK?”

“KD is holding onto the ball too much. He is reverting back to OKC KD, especially late in games. His isos per game are way up and some of it has to do with the way the Rockets are defending him” – Windhorst

“Let’s not just blame Kevin Durant for this. Steph Curry missed a ton of time. So they needed him to be more of an iso player” – Jefferson

–Confident in Warriors facing elimination?

“I agree with Steve that they are still in a great position where they can advance and they would be favored if they did advance. But they are not fine. They should be worrying. They got a huge break with Chris Paul coming out” – Windhorst

“I don’t think ‘worried’ is the right word. They have things that they need to address that are controllable” – Jefferson


Jump Game:

Jump Ball.JPG

Jump Ball 1.JPG

Jefferson – Under

Windhorst – Over

Game 6 result: Scored 46 points


Jump Ball 2.JPG

Jefferson – Kevin Love

Windhorst – Al Horford

Game 6 result: Love left the game with a head injury
Horford scored 6 points, 9 rebounds

Jump Ball 3.JPG

Jefferson – Half of both; One-half cold; One-half hot

Windhorst – Buckets

Game 6 result: Scored 5 points |1-5 on 3s | 2-7 FG

Show Recap: May 24, 2018 (Live from ESPN HQ in Bristol)

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Opening Tip
Rachel’s Capitals advance to Stanley Cup Final!!!Caps.JPG

Today’s Panel:Panel.JPG

First Half

Breaking News
All-NBA Teams announced:

First Team

Second Team

Third Team

–Agree with Damian Lillard making 1st team All-NBA?

Opening Monologue: What does LeBron have left?


–Are you still betting on LeBron?

Melo right to take offense to Korver comparison?



May 24, 2018 – Tayshaun Prince with the chase down block on Reggie Miller!

Animated GIF-downsized_large.gif


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Companionship; The Cavs might get a dog? (Via Joe Vardon on
The Cavs brought a therapy dog to their Game 4 win over the Celtics. His name is Remington


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Bravery; When will Al Horford overcome his fear of rebounds?
Occurred at the end of the first half

Animated GIF-downsized_large (1).gif

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Defense; Rudy Gobert showcasing why he’s first team all-defense?
Celebrating his first team all-defense selection by blocking a child (rudygobert27/IG)

Animated GIF-downsized_large (2).gif

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Serenity; What are your go-to-hype songs?
The music that Toyota Center DJ plays at the beginning, pregame, is actually specifically for James Harden to get him hyped to play (Via Marc J. Spears of The Undefeated)

Zach and the Captain’s hype songs:


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Kerfuffles; Did Morris deserve tech?
A dust-up between Marcus Morris and Larry Nance in the first half last night and resulted in Morris getting T’d up!

Animated GIF-downsized_large (3).gif

Topics (Cont’d):

–Starting to worry about Warriors health?


Second Half

Topics (Cont’d):

–Ty Lue on Kyle Korver’s reduced minutes:

“Well, initially, he’s been putting [Semi] Ojeleye in, so that’s been kind of Kyle’s matchup when he comes in the game. He didn’t play him tonight, so it kind of threw us for a loop. But we got Bron out with two-and-a-half minutes, and at the start of the fourth he wasn’t ready to go. The same thing happened I think Game 1 or 2; I can’t remember.”

–Brad Stevens’ powers only work at home?

–Are we destined for 7 in East Finals?

Update on Sterling Brown: Milwaukee Police apologized to Brown and announced the suspensions for the officers involved. Video footage of the incident was released yesterday.


Non-Playoff Topics:

–Confident in direction of Pistons front office? (Pistons hire Ed Stefanski to oversee overhaul of basketball operations) | Click here to read more about this topic
–Smart for Pistons to target Dwane Casey?
–Luka Doncic’s draft stock slipping? | Click here to read more about this topic (Insider Subscription required)

May 24, 2011 – Former MVP, D-Rose, with the crossover, drive to the basket and slams it home!

Animated GIF-downsized_large (4).gif

Time to…
Run it Back
Sounds of Game 4 of the WCF!

Jump Game:Jump Ball.JPG

Jump Ball 1.JPG

Jump Ball 2.JPG

Jump Ball 3.JPG

Jump Ball 4.JPG

–How disappointed should LeBron be in teammates?



–Happy Birthday to Jump Analyst/Hall of Famer, Tracy McGrady!

Click here to see TMac highlights of all the times he got testy on the court to remind you that he had some toughness in his game (Via Slam Online)

Show Recap: May 23, 2018 (Live from TD Garden in Boston)

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Opener: James Harden with the facial on Draymond Green last night!danfavale-Dd2IYrLU0AApAEY.gif

Today’s Panel:Panel.JPG

First Half

Opening Monologue: Are you not entertained?!?
Regarding to both Conference Finals, which are tied 2-2.


3rd time in the last 20 years that both conference finals are tied up at 2-2 heading into a Game 5. The other time it occurred was during the 2001-02 season:
Celtics vs Nets / Lakers vs Kings


–What did Rockets do differently in Game 4?Dd51-WcU0AA9NIe.jpg
–What happened to Warriors down the stretch?

Breaking News
–Clippers, Doc Rivers agree to new deal

Statement from Clippers owner, Steve Ballmer


May 23, 1991 – Clyde Drexler with the big jam, plus the foul!

Animated GIF-downsized_large (7).gif

Kawhi Make or Miss

Make Logo

Bob and Weave; Impressed by the reflexes of Mike Callahan?
Steph converting the And-1. Barely misses punching the ref during his celebration

Animated GIF-downsized_large (9).gif

This is not a first for a player to do something like this…


Animated GIF-downsized_large (10).gif

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Loyalty; Harden’s dunk so good even Fake Klay reacted?

Animated GIF-downsized_large (11).gif

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Disrespect; Which is worse: Getting dunked on or dissed by a rookie (Jordan Bell)?
Shaun Livingston posterizing Clint Capela and Jordan Bell taunting Capela afterward!

Animated GIF-downsized_large (12).gif

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Laziness; Would you take a pilates class with Boogie?
According to Boogie, “it’s lit”

Make Logo

Strikes; Are bowling passes the best passes?
The pass from CP3 to Trevor Ariza, who knocked down a 3 point shot

Animated GIF-downsized_large (13).gif

Topics (Cont’d):

Agree with C.J. McCollum that PG-13 is headed to LA? (Per the Woj Pod)

Credit: The Woj Pod


Future Laker?


Second Half

Topics (Cont’d):

–Concerned about Cavs turnovers?

–Expectations for Celtics tonight?
–Will Al Horford bounce back?

Brian Windhorst’s sit down with the Korver family

New Jump Game: “Bad Look…”

For Harden not to shoot when wide open?

Bad Look logo.JPG

For Curry to shoot 1-10 after Shimmy?

Bad Look 2.JPG

For Draymond to miss uncontested dunk?

Bad Look 3.JPG

May 23, 1995 – Penny Hardaway to Nick Anderson who finishes the alley-oop dunk!

Animated GIF-downsized_large (8).gif

Sounds of Game 4 of the ECF Finals


Trust More: Cleveland or Boston?
Jackson: Cleveland | MacMullan: Boston

Time to…
Run it Back

LeBron’s best playoff moments in Boston:

–2008 East Semis, Game 7: 45 points in a loss
–2011 East Semis, Game 4: 35 points 14 rebounds in a win
–2012 Eastern Conference Finals, Game 6: 45 points, 15 rebounds, in win facing elimination

–LeBron primed for another Garden masterpiece?

–Fizdale attending Game 5 with Frank Ntilikina a good sign?

2017-18 NBA All-Defensive First and Second Teams are announced


–Did Draymond get snubbed from First Team All-Defense?